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By Seth  Hudnall edited by kellan randell1 Work out where you’re falling short If you’re doing badly in a class figure out why there are usually 1 or 2 problem look at all the papers you’ve gotten graded did you do well on all your tests but still haven’t turned in 5 weeks worth of homework. Once you’ve found the problem you need to neutralize it finish all your homework as soon as you get home instead of ignoring it if your struggling at tests then find which part you’re doing badly at words problem or normal .division or multiplication once you’ve found that practice try to eliminate the problem for the test.2 Pay more attention in class – and ask questionsListen to your teacher while you still can because if you don’t understand something or just never heard about it then you need to ask your teacher so you know about it .like if you had no idea what meniscus is and you just overheard the teacher say it, then it’s on the pretest and you still don’t know what it is then you need to ask. Also some work is very complex if you don’t get even if your paying attention ask questions ask your teacher to go through a math problem again. 3 Make it funsometimes students fail because they have lost motivation to do well. They get stressed out by all the rigorous testing or they alway got top grades and that was their goal and once they fail that goal they give up but if you make it fun it’s much harder to give gamify your studies or make it a challenge by seeing how long you can focus on your teacher or if you can get 100% on a test4 Allow plenty of time for revisionIf your struggling at timed test or fake tests then you may just need to spend more time checking your work math or checking your grammar. Though Do not speed through the test.  even when checking answers people tend to convince himself that they’re answer is correct and think that they just messed up when checking the answer but check again and if it still doesn’t work out redo it also reread it because i often misread it and never reread it5 Find the right learning style for you        If you’re still not doing well after this article it could be because you haven’t found the right style for you. There a bunch of different learning styles because we’re all special and have unique learning styles. Say you could learn best best by talking to your friend about what just happened and his best learning style may be to take notes to remember it most effectively.Hopefully, this article has helped you with your learning endeavor and thank you for

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