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Expansion joints are designed to
absorb thermal expansion and contraction in piping systems. Metallic expansion
joints are an integral part in pipework systems that are used to transport
substances of high temperature such as steam, heated water or exhaust gases. The
products will vary from each other according to the requirements. Every customer
will have specific requirements that will need specific expansion joints in
order to work with. They are available in different shapes and materials.

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Metallic Expansion Joints

            They are used
in pipe and duct works in order to prevent the issues caused by the mechanical
forces or stress. High grade nickel alloy steels and stainless steels are used
in the manufacture. Thermal expansion, movement imposed on pipes, weights of
the pipe and its supported parts are causes of the stresses.

Rubber Expansion joints

            It is made-up
of natural and synthetic elastomers and fabrics along with the metallic
reinforcements providing stress relief in piping systems in order to withstand
internal pressure and temperature of the system.

            Since it is
very important to use the right expansion joint at the right instance, finding
the best product available is an important thing. If you are in search for
different types of expansion joints, then you can buy Kompaflex products according
to the specific requirement. Innovative and quality products always help people
in designing and maintaining things well. The right variety of expansion joints
are to be availed in order to get the desired results. The piping joint specialist
needs to know not only how the piping flexes, but also about various expansion
joint types function and their capability.


Are you looking to get the best expansion joints for your

solutions for customers should be one thing that must be checked when looking
for the proper expansion joints. Placement of proper expansion joints is
heavily dependent on the designers and specialists understanding of how the
expansion joint works and how piping must be supported when expansion joints
are used. Therefore, the selection of the best product for your needs will be
heavily reliant on the level of expertise the designer have.

Different types of Kompaflex Products


If you are in search for the best
expansion joints to work with, then it is best to buy Kompaflex Products. There
are different types of products available differentiated according to the usual
requirements by the customers.

Customized expansion joints: The technical expertise helps
you to get unique and customized expansion joints according to the demand. Expansion
joints from steel and stainless steel materials are available.

Large Diameters: Multi-ply one-piece expansion joints with a
diameter from 6 to 12 meters are available.

Rectangular multi-ply expansion joint: it allows great
movement on a very short structural strength. Longer lifespan, leakage
inspection and high corrosion resistance are some of the advantages.

Fabric expansion joints: It is able to absorb multidimensional
movements on a short building length.

Standard expansion joints: They are expansion joints ranging
from 15 mm diameters up to 12 meters.


your requirements regarding the expansion joints are, you can get Kompaflex products
according to the requirements. The requirements are to be kept in mind when
purchasing such products. Expansion joints are used in different industrial
contexts these days. It is required to control pipework movement and therefore production
of metallic and fabric expansion joints for critical applications is very much
in the game these days. 

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