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Brodie Tan M.Sc (UK) B.Eng (UK)

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January 2017

Postgraduate Research Admissions

School of Energy, Geoscience,
Infrastructure and Society

William Arrol Building WA3.03 and
Enterprise Oil Building 1.3

Heriot Watt University

Edinburgh EH14 4AS


Postgraduate Research Admission Officer –

Having had a successful 7 years of career in the oil and gas industry,
it may seem a little peculiar that I am now applying to pursue PhD in Petroleum
Engineering. When I was younger, I had planned to become an engineer and I have
successfully completed Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from University of
Aberdeen and joined the oil and gas industry. After a relatively rapid career
progression, I was fortunate enough to be given opportunities work in various
high-profile assignments in various locations around the world. Within the last
two years, I realised that my career was not where I wanted it to be and
decided to enroll in Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Once again, I
choose to pursue the course at University of Aberdeen and successfully
graduated in November 2017. Having completed my dissertation in “Upscaling
Techniques in Heterogeneous Formation for Enhanced Oil Recovery”, it has lifted
my desire to remain active in the research area. I enjoyed the learning process
during lectures, however self-learning and research work I have completed during
the dissertation felt much more accomplished and self-satisfactory, hence I
found my passion in research.

The thought of pursuing PhD in the research area excites me, as I will
under take a future career that makes an impact to the oil and gas industry.
Being analytical, I was never satisfied with just utilising an object, I felt
the needs to know what was going on inside. My parents would tell you the story
of me dismantling any toys with moving parts when I was a child. The level of
curiosity has never faded since then. Through years of experience in the
industry and knowledge acquires from the recently completed M.Sc in Petroleum
Engineering, I have become increasingly intrigued by the new waves of ideas in
the research area of Reservoir Engineering and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). I
am particularly interested in research area of “Electrokinetic measurements in intact core samples
at reservoir conditions with the application to enhanced oil recovery via
miscible CO2 injection” and how it will shape the future of EOR
methodology and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. As the current industry understanding of rock-brine-CO2-oil systems are
limited, I very much look forward to studying them to improve understanding in
this area. My ultimate goal is to be the forefront of the research.

After all, I would like to acknowledge that I’m not the top achievers in
high school nor university or the smartest one in the peer group, however I
always stay with a problem longer for a solution. In addition, I considered
myself to be a stubborn character. The character has made me a decisive, more
over a persevered and strong determined person. Besides, I am attention to
details and a good problem solver. If I’m in a conference room and the
projector isn’t working, I’m not the kind person that calls the IT to wait for
a solution. I’ll get my hands on the projector, connections, and cables to
ensure everything is properly in place.

Returning to education and committing three years to the PhD research assignment
has been an exhilarating experience. Although a little apprehensive prior to
acceptance into the PhD opportunity, I have thoroughly enjoyed gaining new
knowledge and experience while attending M.Sc Petroleum Engineering in
University of Aberdeen. Whilst researching on doing a PhD, I discovered early
that, knowledge gained from work experience and previous qualification would
not provide me with sufficient skills to successfully complete the PhD. I have
therefore chosen to complete self-learning on skills that requires specifically
for the PhD assignment, such as programming in Matlab and C++. This has
certainly been the right decision as I find myself challenged sufficiently and
feel that I will be fully prepared for the programme.

Albert Einstein once says, “Logic will get you from A to B, however
imagination will take you everywhere”. The quote has inspired me to always
believe in possibilities. The believe have earned me opportunities throughout
the career with wide varieties of exposure in the industry. I continue to
challenge myself for the very same reason in the decision to pursue PhD. The
award of stipend and tuition fees waiver for the durations of the PhD
assignment would be a great assistance in supporting my goal. In addition, the
outcome of the research will be beneficial to Aberdeen-Curtin Alliance and most
important to the oil and gas industry. At the same time, I am committed in
contributing to the Aberdeen-Curtin Alliance in anyway possible to the best of
my abilities.

I would like to thank you for your time
in consideration of my candidacy. I am confident that I will exceed your
expectation. I reckon the limitations of written personal statement and resume
may pose, hence I would like to convey my interest to meet you in person to
introduce myself in a different perspective.




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