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BRIINGGGGG! The alarm goes off. “Get down on the ground” screamed T. “I would make a huge withdrawal, OF ALL YOUR MONEY!” yelled S. “We need to get the c4 out” T yelled to S  “STOP YELLING AT ME!” Yelled S, ironically. Sirens approached loudly as S and T ran out back into their getaway vehicle. S drove all night while T counted the cash in the back seat. Their favourite song played on the radio, “let me drive”said T. “But we would have to pull over then probably get caught by the cops!” Said S. They came to a stop at an old motel that night. It was ok, just for one night though. “S wake up next stop is Vegas” “Just 5 more minutes… It’s only… 11 O’CLOCK!? I need to get dressed, I’ll be right out!” Said S. S had been grumpy because he had got up in the middle of the night and went to spend all the cash but T had hidden it very well. S had been getting dressed as T went to go and make coffee so they could go and both be awake. They got in the car and drove to the middle of the Vegas desert they came to a stop S said “Why are we here and where did the money go?!” “S calm down man what’s your problem” said T “It took us 2 hours to get the cops away from us yesterday so that was a waste if the money is gone!” Said S. T grabbed a walkie talkie and said”we’re ready” then a swarm of police officers grabbed S and started to thank T for telling them where they were. “I hate you T!” 2 years passed and S is still rotting in jail. From time to time T would come and brag about how he’s not in jail and S is. One day a strange man approached S and said “you’re free to go” “What?” S said because he hasn’t heard a compliment in 2 years. After that, a police officer opened the jail cell and S got out the strange man said ” I’ll let you out on one condition” “Wait, what?” said S. The strange man said “I need you to find someone named Trevor Dexter, do you understand?” “Will I have to execute him?” “No” said the strange man. “What’s your name by the way?” S told him. “My name is Raul Salvador.” “Why are you here and how did you find me?” “That’s classified.” “Oh man T you’re doomed this time” T said to himself while in a electric chair ZZZAP! Oooww!!! “Yeah next time you’ll think twice before you steal from me” said the warden “I didn’t steal from you, you put me in this chair before I could” said T “don’t be smart with me” said the warden. “Stop!” S yelled as he barged through the door. “If you have to take him, you have to go through me.””Ok” Said the warden as he told people on his radio. “I need the best units that we got down here Immediately.” 6 strong guys came as S beat them up. Crash! Bang! “Your units suck.” S said to the guard. “Is that all you got?” “S what are you doing here” yelled T ” “I’m here to save you, dummy.” S went to the fuse box as the warden tried to stop him. S grabbed his gun and pointed it at the warden’s head.. S had hacked the system so the power would go out in exactly 5 minutes. He pressed shut down on the electric chair, clicked close all metal gates and tripped the warden. He unstrapped T and yelled “GO!” The power went out at the right time as S and T slid under the front door. They planted some C4. They got behind a car and KABOOM! They both got in T’s 1969 mustang. T started to yell at S for saving and he said that S didn’t have to save him. “Stop complaining, at least I saved you! We could go back and you could go back to the chair! You wouldn’t like that, would you?” “No, thank you I guess” T mumbled. “I have to stop at my place okay S” “Alright.” “I live in a trailer park” “Where and why do we need to go there?” ” for supplies I mean the reason you came here is to do another heist right?” “Yeah I guess…” They drove off into a trailer park 7 kilometres out of town. They arrived at the trailer park. T got out of the car and went into the house S came in after a while, T had gone down to his basement but S came down and T punched him in the face as he got knocked out. S woke up strapped to a chair and T said “Why did you come here?” “You were taking forever and why am I strapped in a chair?” “No I mean why did you come to find me” “Because we got here at 4:00 PM and it’s 12:00 AM… dummy” “No how are you out of prison did someone hire you to find me?” “I’m out of prison because I broke out and nobody hired me.” Said S really scared. You could see his heart beating and him sweating “really then who’s Raul Salvador” yelled T “He is an old friend of mine He was my cell mate.” Just then S’ phone rang and T picked up “did you get him” said Raul to which T replied “did you hire someone to kidnap me Raul” said T then Raul said “oh T it’s you and yes I did hire Spencer Drew Melting to kidnap you” then S said “Uhh… That’s not me?” Then T put the phone on speaker Raul said “S you have failed me I’m sending a hitman after you and T do you understand” “I understand, boss”. T unstrapped S and said “sorry” S punched T and yelled at him “I QUIT!” He grabbed his metal baseball bat and hit T in the face. S had thrown T in the trunk and drove into the desert. He left the car there with no gas. S got picked up and went back home while T was rotting in the trunk. T got out of the trunk and called S anonymously ring ring S picked up the and answered “Sup” “It’s T and I just figured out how we can get supplies to stop the hitmen” “Well, are you out of the car? If so then come to the Militia Services. I’m on my way there with this stolen car it’s a black dodge viper”. “Okay but don’t punch me again” “Alright” S said and started up his car. “Um S you have to pick me up” “Alright I’m coming, look for a black Dodge Viper”. S said as he hung up and drove down to the desert. T saw the car and yelled “over here!” S pulled up and said “Get in”. T got in the car and hit S. “What was that for?” “That was for hitting me in the face with a baseball bat”. S rolled his eyes and drove down to the militia services building. When they arrived S said, “The hitman works here, we’ll take him out.” “yeah but you know Raul will send everything that he has at us right” said T. “Dude, don’t worry we got this. He’s too weak. He had to hire a Hitman, instead of doing the work himself. We are doing the work ourselves though, so that means Raul is a scaredy cat. He can’t even do the job himself, see what I’m saying?” S and T went inside and grabbed some guns and T of course grabbed C4. They put on some balaclavas and went inside.”WHERE IS RAUL SALVADOR?!?” They yelled as they pointed the guns at the front desk manager. “U.. Upstairs, room thirty… Thirty four.. Please don’t hurt me.” S and T went upstairs to room 34 as the door was metal and locked. KABOOM!! As they went inside they saw a window open and nobody in the room. “He must have went out the window.” S said to T. Cop sirens blared as a door smashed. “Hands up!” S and T put their hands up and put down their weapons. “Another year in prison…” S said to T “well maybe if you would give me the grenade in your pocket  I could explode the door open” whispered T. S handed T the grenade slowly as T pulled the pin. They grabbed their weapons and ran for their lives! BOOM! The force of the explosion pushed them back. After that they went to the impound lot then T yelled “my 69 mustang, let’s get in it”. They drove off after they started driving T came to a stop and said “I believe the hitman is following us and I think that that’s his black car behind us” S grabbed his silenced SCAR L and T grabbed his C4, as S looked at him T said “what I like C4” “But the mustang might go… Kaboom” “well if we get out of the car we can activate the armor” “Oh I forgot about that.” T and S got out of their car, turned on the armor and fired bullets at the driver. They opened the door and they saw a phone then they heard a voice say “did you get them” T grabbed the phone and said “oh hey Raul” then S said “Hey, Raul, listen to me Watch your back We’re coming for you.” Raul hung up and they got in the 69 mustang and drove off. “Keep the guns loaded” S said to T. A couple hours later they found a bar they could go in. T asked the lady there if there was a bathroom the lady said back “yep just go down that hallway and take a left” so T went inside the bathroom and set a piece of C4 and then pulled the fire alarm. S ran into the bathroom and yelled “What’s going on, T?! Are you OK?” “Yeah I’m fine I just was making a distraction so I could set some C4 get the second hitman to come to the distraction so we could take him out then we could get his outfit I’ll put it on and you will act as a police officers and we would go to Raul’s house with you pretending to be a police officer and me pretending to be a hitman we could get in find Raul and take him out and then we do our last heist and then we’re good we’re rich and were happy ok” said T. “Alright”. S told T as cops came. Gunshots filled the room as S and T took them out. S took a outfit and put it on while T went to a walkie talkie and said “we need Raul’s hitman here immediately over” then they heard a man say “he’s on his way”. S and T loaded their guns and put C4 at the doors. They called their teammates to bring in a helicopter just in case he comes into juggernaut armor. While S and T were waiting, S found a MK16 gun. Click. “It’s out of ammo.”Raul came as S said “We got the prisoner, Trevor Dexter”. “Very well”. S held on to the gun in his back pocket. “Did you come with anyone else”? To which Raul replied to “No”. S pointed his gun at Raul and said “HANDS UP”! Raul said “you think you can kill me” T said back “I’m not gonna kill you I’m just gonna take all your money ok” then S said “Do what we tell you, or you will be executed”. Then Raul got on the ground and yelled “you can’t kill me!!!” “We don’t want to kill you” said S and T at the same time. S and T tossed Raul in the trunk of T’s 69 mustang. Two hours later vroom the screech of T’s newly upgraded 69 mustang. Sirens followed them as they sped up they howled off into the sunset.

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