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Brianna SteinerMrs. Clark8th Grade English, Period 324 January 2018School Dress Code Dress codes are in school all over the United States. Lisa Flamm said, “The percentage of public schools whose principals reported enforcement of a strict dress code rose for Forty-Seven to Fifty-Seven during the last decade.” “It is estimated that almost 25 percent of the nation’s public schools are expected to have a dress code this year. In September, Philadelphia public school students started wearing uniforms for the first time. They joined districts like Long Beach, Clovis, Fresno, Huston and Dade County, Florida, in having a dress or uniform code. These codes were established because of the success demonstrated by districts with a dress code” (Wilder). “Having kids wear uniforms will reduce bullying because kids won’t pick on each other for how they’re dressed, she said, and in urban settings, gang affiliation through dress will go down as well. The uniforms also reduce distractions”(Flamma). Dress codes have made it so there is not as much bullying about what kids are wearing, it also has tons of advantages. First dress code can help prevent bullying from what kids are wearing. Farzana Hassan said, ” Uniforms are social and economic equalizers. Which reduce opportunities for children to criticize others on dress and appearance.” School bullies are looking for anything to tease about so if they are teasing  you about what your wearing they technically are teasing themselves because they are wearing the same things. The bullying has made kids commit suicide. Some school have made it so kids couldn’t wear hats or baggy clothing. The reason for that is kids have been hiding guns in their clothes. Kids also would hide drugs in their hats. ” The National School Board Association estimates that approximately 135,000 guns are brought to America’s 85,000 public schools each day. This is one reason school districts use to implement dress codes. Some schools even require students to have the beltline exposed at all times for fear of guns concealed under clothing. Additionally, educators report a decrease in violence, a reduction of fights in schools and improved student achievement when dress codes have been implemented”(Steffen). “Hoodies can also be grabbed at in a fight and choke the other kid or teen which could lead to death or hospitalization” (Wilder). In conclusion school dress codes helps prevent bullying about the other kids clothing. Secondly dress codes have many advantages.  One of the advantages is safety, “Students have gotten assaulted and killed over athletic shoes. That is a legitimate problem” (Hartzer). It also helps kids get ready for professional jobs that require a specific dress. ” School uniforms often argue that they are preparing students for the professional work world” (Hartzer). It can also save lives. Some kids are told they don’t dress good enough. So usually they don’t have good self confidence and if that happens there is a possibility they could commit suicide. Lastly it helps prevent distractions. ” We need to teach boys to respect girls and not ogle them.” (Hartzer). “Another aspect is that certain articles of clothing, particularly hats and hoodies, can be used to disguise identities. Certainly a school can have a policy forbidding non-religious headwear, such as, “Hoodies cannot be worn over the head,” but that’s more difficult to enforce. “Take off that hoodie” becomes “take down that hoodie.” Some students who wear hoodies instinctively put the hoods over their heads, and “take down that hoodie” becomes a constant reminder” (Hartzer). Some examples of distractions are music, texting, inappropriate clothing on boys and girls. The reason for music is because teens are hiding their earbuds in their hoodies which in most school is not allowed. Texting because they could be cyber bullying. Inappropriate clothing because it could be showing or provoking gangs or drugs. It also helps the school because they would be able to tell if there’s an intruder or someone who doesn’t go there. That is how it can keep students safe. Some people ask what are they students learning. If they are all wearing the same thing they won’t have self expression at their school and they might think they need to be the same as everyone else. ” Dress codes are the kind of attire that should be worn in school, ensuring children will come properly dressed”(Hassan). They are learning business attire and they are preparing for their future jobs because everything might not be the way they want it. It also will help them get a better paying job. If they are the same as everyone they will be able to have self expression at their home. The dress code doesn’t apply to them when they aren’t on campus. If they were at the store they wouldn’t have to wear their school clothes their and they won’t get in trouble for not wearing them.In conclusion fifty-seven percent of schools have a dress code in the United States. Dress codes help keep students safe, prepare for future jobs, prevent bullying, it even saves lives, and helps principles see if if there is intruders. Dress codes have made  it so there is not as much bullying, and it has many advantages.  

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