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Intro Assignment

            The American Health Care Act is an act
that replaced Obamacare which is also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “The
American Health Care Act (AHCA) as amended delivers relief from Obamacare’s
taxes and mandates that have hurt job creators, increased premiums, and limited
options for patients and health care providers” (Our time is now). The act
gives states control of their healthcare rather than have it controlled by the
capital of the U.S.  When it comes to
being insured under this act, there are pros and cons of U.S citizens having
insurance in order to achieve universal healthcare, especially when it comes to
age/ and retirement.

            When it comes to individuals of certain
ages there can be some good under this act, requiring health insurance.
Starting with young people, if they are on their parents insurance they can stay
on till they are 26 years old (Kliff, 2017). Some jobs come with benefits like
health insurance, for instance a hospital. My mother and grandmother both work
at a hospital and are covered, with my mom, I am on her insurance. My
grandmother retires on her 62th birthday on Feb 1st. She already had
this set and planned before the change over to the new act. In a commentary by Romina
Boccia, she talks about “Should the retirement age go up”?  Based off what my grandmother did, when it
comes to age and people having insurance already and claimed retirement they kind
of have a little affect to no affect because she was getting paid highly, but with
new people that haven’t claimed retirement and get paid a lot and have to
settle with new act and the insurance they already have will rise. Around 2015,
when the affordable care act was still in place, in Boccia’s argument (2015)
she said “Increasing the retirement age is a fair and reasonable solution, says
Romina Boccia. Bumping up the Social Security retirement age is fair and reasonable.
It can help shore up the program’s shaky solvency without saddling younger
generations with excessive payroll taxes” (Boccia, 2015). The Pro in this is
that people would be already covered and it would help especially if you are
young and can’t take care of yourself, or even the elderly, so you don’t have a
bill to pay. With the AHCA, if you get insurance, there won’t be a tax, like
there was in ACA “tax on people who don’t purchase health care, known as the
“individual mandate” (Singletary,

            Dealing with age, a con to why people
should not be required to have health insurance to achieve universal healthcare
is that dealing with older people trying to get retirement, is that with people
with insurance and over the age of 50 on payroll tend to be let go. “The closer
Americans get to Medicare eligibility, they more likely they are to be pushed
out of their jobs—and out of the workforce entirely. In
virtually every industry, at virtually every level of the income ladder,
employees are explicitly seeking to move people off the payroll as they age
into their 50s. Which means more of those Americans must buy insurance on the
market the Republicans are currently trying to remake” (Gross, 2017). Yes,
people of all ages with reasonable needs, need insurance if they can’t pay out
of pocket, but being forced into having health insurance if wealthy and are in
good health, money can go to someone needy. People of retirement age, should
not be required to have health insurance because they get charged more than
young people. “The Republican bill, called the American Health Care Act, would
allow insurers to charge older adults five times more than the young, leading
to especially astronomical spikes for less affluent Americans who retire early
– $12,900 on average” (Glenza,
Insurers will basically charge you more now than when you were working.

            I do support that all U.S. citizens
should be required to have insurance to achieve universal healthcare, because throughout
your youth you are covered automatically by your parents but eventually on your
own , and if you old with no job, like if you retire your insurance might be
high but at least your covered and don’t have any serious emergencies. When you
reach retirement age, you don’t have to stop working, some jobs don’t
discriminate age (they shouldn’t period!), just make sure they have health benefits
and have a payroll. At least you will be making money still.
























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