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                             Blue Big Crane is
an accident of not pay high attention to the safety of any project.

 It is a name of incident happened in Miller Park, Wisconsin,
USA.  Miller Park is the main home of a

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baseball team called
Milwaukee Brewers. They wanted to replace the old stadium and increase the

capacity. The
construction of Miller Park was going well without any big issues. When the day
of 14th

July 1999 came the
accident happened in the evening at 5:12 pm after that the accident named as

Blue Big Crane. Blue Big
is a 2600-ton crane called LTL2600. At first of the day as usually all the

must be checked before
the workers arrive. The workers were planning to lift a roof panel. At 9:00 am

the lifting started and
the roof panel removed. While this operation was happening, the lift supervisor

noticed the front crawler
was going down into the ground. Once the supervisor noted that, he

commanded the
crane workers to hold the crane and move it onto a stable ground. After these

operations end, the
supervisor and the workers wanted to move the crane to its final position. The

supervisors wanted to
reread the wind speed. The Big Blue crane suddenly collapsed. As a result of

this accident, the entire
roof, which they were focusing on , fell down. There were three dead men

and five injuries worker
as consequence of the collapsed. After the incident happened the

investigations and the
first theory of the collapsed was simply the crane’s capacity. In fact, the Big

Blue crane had 1500 ton
rated capacity. According to The company owner of the crane, they did there

calculations and their
investigation showed that the capacity of the crane had no caused on the

collapsed. The second
theory of the accident was the substance of the ground. In more details, the

ground under the crane was not enough to
push the weight of the crane up as a result of that the

crane felt down.
According to the engineering study involved in the second

investigation the runway was
built with the crane’s needs. During the inspection, they discovered a

broken water main below
the ground but not far away from where the crane was standing. So the discover

of the broken main water
made of finding the main causes of the collapsed complex. The third

investigation point out
that the wind speed caused the accident. In other word, the main caused of

Big Blue crane was the
weight load of the wind and the second cause is the structure of the crane. At

above grade elevation,
the wind was not easy to deal with it and noticeable the day of the collapsed.

a group of ironworkers
left the workplace before noon because of their worried about their safety. In

fact, there were two
devices alarms on the sides of the crane to check if wind speed or the load

to be held by the crane.
When they checked the two devices, they found the two alarm’s batteries

dead. In other words, the
two batteries were not working while the workers were working. on 12th

August, 1999, there was a
lawsuit because of the failure of the construction project. The lawsuit was a

against several groups by
the families of the dead workers. All the companies who were associated

with the construction
project involved in it. The most three companies were Mitsubishi heavy

industries, the company
who created big blue crane LTL 2600 LTD and the construction company. The

lawsuit was lasted around
seven weeks and at the end the jury made their decision. The final

decision was 97%
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and LTD Company 3% because of their omission of

using a heavy machine in
high wind speed and not check the safety of the machines before they used

it or allowed to use it. It
is important that making sure in any project the safety of workplace including

the safety of workers,
the machines used, devices alarms and any other things involved in the project

is going to work properly
before the project start, during and after. Finishing on time or not going

over the budget is not
the most concern.  as a results of not
making sure the safety is the first priority

of any project, this
scenario of collapsed cranes might be happened again.




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