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Black TuesdayOctober 29th ,1929 the prices of stocks all around the world dropped and cause one of the most tragic things to happen, the Great Depression. Many Canadians were investing in stocks at the time either using their own money, with credit, or with margin. All these Canadians who invested lost their money and couldn’t pay the bank and couldn’t afford to do anything. This is significant to Canadian history because it caused all Canadians and anyone else around the world to lose their money and live a poor life  barely surviving. The stock market crash of Black Tuesday caused the Great Depression which ruined the lives of people everywhere.HobosHobos back during the Great Depression were unemployed men who travelled from town to town looking for jobs to provide for themselves and families. They really showed how tough it was living during the Great Depression. Hobos would take any work they could get and most times it wasn’t even for the money and eventually needed relief from the government. Hobos are important as they were the symbol of the struggle during the Depression and really showed how quickly they went from being employed and living happily to living a life of stress and struggle.The fifties and sixtiesBaby BoomDuring this time, after WWII was over, lots of people had to come to Canada as well soldiers returning to their wives, girlfriends etc. Once WWII had ended and the Canadian economy was strong again, there was a baby boom which lasted from the late 1940s to mid 1960s. The birth rate in Canada had become 17% higher than previous birth rates. The event is important to Canada because it affected the economy, however although demands were made, and more resources were needed, it also made our economy to stable again since many lives were sacrificed in WWII.Economic GrowthAfter the second world war, Canada experienced an economic upturn because of the oil and mining companies. US investment in Canada helped expand the economy and make Canada a little bit stronger. All the mega projects started in the 1950s helped the economy boom which was needed because of what the Great Depression left behind. The branch plants and the auto pact in Canada also helped improve the economy by providing employment for the people of Canada. Also, these changes have made us what we are today and the support from all the allies always helped boost the economy up in the past. World War 2Battle of Hong Kong In December, 1941 Canada was sent out to protect Hong Kong from the Japanese because Britain needed more troops supporting them. After a long, brutal, and hard fought battle Canada had no choice but to surrender to the Japanese later that month. Even though Canada had surrendered it was still an important battle because they showed bravery and showed that they are a peacekeeping country. Not only this but this was a moment where the French(Royal Rifles) and the English(Winnipeg Grenadiers) came together as one to fight for peace. Canada learned alot from this battle and got stronger, and also built a bond between the other Allied countries.Battle of Normandy June 6th, 1944, hundreds of thousands of Allied troops attacked the Germans from the beaches of Normandy hoping to win back France. The Canadians were well prepared after learning from their mistakes during the Dieppe Raid and they were successful in capturing Juno and pushed a lot further.This was important around the world because this was a sign that Germans were about to lose the war, and that the Allies and Soviets would win the war . This was big for Canada because Canada contributed really big in one of the biggest victories during WWII. Just like the Battle of Vimy Ridge, when Canada needed to win they did showing that Canada strong and powerful just like the bigger countries.World War 1Battle of Vimy Ridge The battle of Vimy Ridge was one of the major victories for Canada in World War I against the Germans. Canadians were fighting under Britain and France most of the war and didn’t get too much action and didn’t fight in major battles earlier. However on April 9th, 1912 , 15,000 Canadian Soldiers went out at 5:30 am and struck the Germans hard with surprise. Canada used a tactic using artillery shells to get close into the German lines and attack, and in result Canada got the victory. This is important to Canadian history because it showed that the Canadians could win battles when it counted and that we could win it on our own. Canadians were feeling very proud and slowly the victories in these battles were bringing Canadians together as its own country, not a colony under Britain.Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles is the important document which ended World War I between the Allies and Germans.This Treaty was signed on June 28th, 1919 near Versailles, France at the Paris Peace Conference. This Treaty not only brought peace to the world again but it also had peace terms which Germany had to follow which made them less of a threat. Canada was fighting under Britain in World War I but Canada got to sign the Treaty as “its own country” as its own country but Canada was also given membership to the League of Nations as its own country. This is important for Canada because it was a big step for Canada to become its own independent country instead of being a colony under the British Empire, and Canada was finally getting some global recognition.Roaring TwentiesAdvancing TechnologyIn the 1920s the technology around Canada was advancing very quick and changed things in Canada. Two of the biggest inventions that were big in the 20s were the Automobiles and the Radios. Automobiles were getting better as they included car heaters, all wheel/four wheel drive, hybrid/electric cars and many more. Automobiles were getting better and were becoming more common for people to buy are provided a good method of transportation. The radios were becoming very popular also. The radios brought Canadians together and gave them entertainment like music but also gave information like news about what’s going on around Canada. The technology in the 20s showed that Canada was an advancing country and that they were keeping up with all  the other big countries around the world. The advancing technology changed the lifestyle of Canadians and made it much easier and entertaining to liveFlappers The flappers are women in the 20s who changed the role and image of women. They disobeyed the rules they followed and they were the opposite of the typical women in the 20s. These women are important because they set the pathway to independence for all other women. Society locked down on women during those times but by breaking the stereotypes of women back then they showed that women women are equal to men and that they too can do what they want. The swagger and confidence of these women changed the future for all women and now women have the same right as everyone and are a major part of society.

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