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Bitcoin is the most important inventions since the world wide web. It’s been demonstrated the best-performing money in the recent years, and because of its inherent Blockchain technology it has a potential to go up to some $5,00000 and even a 1 million each coin.CEO of bitcoin wallet called Xapo and board member of PayPal’s board of directors Wences Casares has expressed an astonishing prediction that bitcoin will hit 1 million in 5 to 10 years.Recently, analyst Ronnie Moms who famously estimated bitcoin’s price surge now predicting to hit $300,000-$400,000.Should we want to figure how large Bitcoin goes, all we have to do is take today’s world GDP (approximately 80 trillion) and split it by 21 million. That equals to approximately 3,809,523$ per Bitcoin. That is, of course, supposing we’re in the year 2140, zero Bitcoins are lost and only Bitcoin is controlling the whole cryptocurrency market.This year bitcoin surge close to 16000%. There’s never been anything like this from the history of humanity except so-called Tulip bubble, as a result, people are describing it as a potential pyramid scam. Some people believe it’s still in the very early phases and there is still lots of time to invest, even if it’s fractions a week say 25 or even 35, don’t want to wait until 1 coin is worth 100,000, due to then all the profits will have already been realized.According to some cryptoanalysts, few things to consider before involving in cryptocurrency:1: Do not invest until you realize how it works.2: Never spend more than you can afford to lose because nothing in life is guaranteed, so only buying small amounts relative to your own private financial situation.What occurs when bitcoin strikes $1 million.Some people think fiat currencies such as USD are not worth anything if the authorities prohibit USD. The bitcoin is worth nothing if the $usd is worth nothing. You may have a thousand bitcoins however in the event that it can’t alter to some fiat currency what’s it really worth?Crypto enthusiasts argue that bitcoin has some sort of store value( peer to peer transaction) and cost to mine on the contrary fiat system won’t worth anything basically to print. In future people will buy stuff with 0.000001 Bitcoin and there won’t be any dollars, euros, and stuff like that Plain cryptos such as Litecoin, Etherum, Ripple.Finally, the technology used in cryptocurecny is known as blockchain (software platform to run electronic money). The blockchain is the technological breakthrough and can securely store wealth or information, land register, birth/death, marriage, academic records anything you can imagine. This technology is never going away, it’s one of the best invention humankind ever had, up there with ideas like natural selection, quantum theory etc. 

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