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Best Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Review – Breakthrough of Accessory

Accessory Bag

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Crevice Tool

Claw utility nozzle


Hepa Airclean filter

Air clean filter system

Ceiling fan attachment


Suppose, you have a vacuum cleaner that ability confines some arena or doesn’t suitable for all environments. If you attach some extension in vacuum cleaner, you don’t face such type problem. These extensions, known as accessory, make your product versatile and mighty. These accessories expedite your daily work. In this article, I discuss best vacuum cleaner accessory review. Hopefully, you will be benefitted. Now, I show most common vacuum cleaner attachments by diagram-











Accessory Bag

It is useful for discipline and organized person. Because, products are easily stored in this bag.


It is used for cleaning the wood surface; wipe out dust and so on.

Ceiling fan attachment

It is used for washing the ceiling fan blades and upper part of the fan.

Claw Utility Nozzle

It is used for brushing campers, boats and car interiors.

Crevice Tool

It is suitable for brushing between carpet corners, sofa cushions and baseboards.

Airclean filtration system

It is helpful for filtering dust particles.

Hepa Airclean filter

It is helpful for those who have allergens as it reduces allergens germs.

1. Micro Vacuum Attachment Schneider Industries- 7 Piece Kit

Micro Vacuum Attachment Kit that serves miniaturized cleaning tools is known as 7 piece micro vacuum cleaner attachment kit. It is suitable for  Miele, Bosch, Sebo, Hoover, Eureka, Shark, Electrolux, Bisssell and so on brands.


Ø  Suitable for those receiving standard 1 1/4 inch (32 mm) inside diameter attachment.

Ø  Suitable for 1 1/4 friction-fit wands and an adapter with 1 3/8 inch (35mm).

Ø  Have some restriction for which doesn’t use a hose or wand.

Ø  Doesn’t suitable for Dyson and Shark brands.

Ø  Compatible for cleaning dust from any tiny and slender space.


·         Have various micro tools such as crevice tool that easily brushes narrow spaces.

·         Have various kinds of micro brushes such as straight round bristled brush and oval bristled brush.

·         A vented connector also included.


·         Doesn’t compatible for clip mounted wands like Dyson and Shark.

·         Doesn’t fit for any Hand Held Vac without a hose or wand.


2. Articulating Hard Floor Tool – Dyson

Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool is designed by the well – trained engineers. It is useful for cleaning delicate particle from hard space. It is one of the top rated Dyson accessories.



Ø It especially fits on hardwood floors such as titled floors.

Ø  Its pivot is 180 Degrees and reaches to the awkward position between cupboards, cabinets, under beds and other furniture.

Ø  This vacuum head is compatible the wand or hose without the adapter.

Ø  Manners easily and washes narrow gaps.


·         This tool doesn’t harm the floor because it includes soft bristles.

·          It uses two curtains. First, curtain is used for removing large debris. Second, curtain is used for protecting suction from escaping.

·         It uses a 180 Degree pivoting mechanism that facilitates to drive around awkward areas.


·         It is not suitable for the V8 Absolute Vacuum.

·         To move it another place, require a bit of twisting to recover the desired position.

3. The Excten Vac/Flat vacuum cleaner – 36″ Gadjit (Gray)

Let’s you wash underneath places! How is it possible? The Gadget Excten Vac/Flat vacuum cleaner attachment can meet up such kind of situation.


Ø  Is designed for washing under refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and even heavier furniture. 

Ø  Can accumulate any vacuum cleaner hose.

Ø  Can reach up to 36″.

Ø  Expands 3 feet.


·         Removing dust from it is a snap.

·         Can bend it as per your advantage.

·         The special feature is portability.


·         The vacuum cleaner attachment is too small.

4. Replacement accessory part kit – Irobot Roomba 600 610 620 650 Series

IRobot Roomba maintain ideology of these accessories. Accessories perform well like the original IRobot Roomba.


Ø  Newly replacement accessories brand kit.

Ø  Flexible Beater and Side Brush are incorporated.

Ø  Also, incorporated 3 pack Filter, 1 Pack Bristle Brush and 1 Pack Cleaning Tool.

Ø  Environmental protection and effective quality are included.

Ø  IRobot vacuum cleaner uses these tools.


·         Replacing accessory, Roomba makes energetic and works just like new.

·         Price of these parts is sustainable.


·        The brush rollers were worn and they mingle with hair and debris.

·         Doesn’t easy to place like original Roomba parts.

5. V6 cord Free Vacuum Attachments, I-clean Vacuum Cleaner Parts for Dyson DC35, DC44, DC59 Motorhead, With A Free Cleaning Brush.

These are replacement parts that are compatible for Dyson DC35, DC44, and DC59. This product makes your home more comfortable and wash.


Ø  These are high-quality replacement parts.

Ø  Can perfectly wash your house and wash where you want.

Ø  Incorporated 2 in 1 combination tool *1 ,Soft hair brush *1 ,Stiff bristle Tool*1 ,Flat Seam Nozzle*1,Mattress tool *1,and A Free Cleaning Brush.

Ø  These can wipe out dust, dirt and allergens from awkward places.


·         Create utility for Dyson product and for those who have a pet.

·         Exactly fitted for Dyson products.


·         These products are considerably flimsy.

6. 8 Pc Crevice Upholstery Brush Tool-Vacuum Cleaner Attachments / Accessories for 32mm (1 1/4 inch) & 35mm (1 3/8 inch) Standard Hose

These tools ideal for cleaning kit Canister and Upright Vacuums. Ceiling molding and air conditioner vents can be washed by these attachments. These make your product versatile.


Ø  To clean tops of doors, under appliances, between & under furniture.

Ø  Incorporated deep cleaning brush and cabinet & radiator brush.

Ø  Also incorporated 2 in 1 pivoting dust brush, 3 in 1 sweeping crevice tool, 2 in 1 upholstery brush and 32 – 35mm connector.

Ø  Compatible for those standard diameter vacuum cleaners which have 35mm diameter.

Ø  Robust plastic construction and compatible for using in the home, workplace and car.


·         3 in 1 Sweeping Crevice Tool – Used for wiping out dust from skirting boards, windowsills and corners and pet hair lifter easily.

·         2 in 1 Pivoting Dusting Brush –   Used for washing subtle surfaces without scratching and hard to reach areas.

·         Deep Cleaning Brush – Used for washing hair and dust under furniture and appliances.


·         Doesn’t suitable for all diameter’s vacuum cleaner.

·         Doesn’t suitable for all vacuum cleaner brand.

7. Allergy tool kit Accessories for Dyson Vacuum DC24 DC33 DC35 DC44 DC58 DC59 DC62 DC74 V6 ninthseason Home cleaning

These products were manufactured for Dyson Vacuum DC24 DC33 DC35 DC44 DC58 DC59 DC62 DC74 V6 . You feel like original parts for Dyson Vacuum that last many years.


Ø  Flexi Crevice Tool – To wash between furniture, these are used.

Ø  Mattress Tool Brush – Used for washing dust from mattresses and upholstery.

Ø  Soft dusting brush – Suitable for far away dust from flat surfaces and furniture.

Ø  Stiff bristle brush – Mud and dried-in dirt are cleaned by this tool.

Ø  Is known as  an O.E.M. Brush Kit Tool.


·         This saved your parts upto $150.

·         There is no question about these quality.


·         These smaller vacuum doesn’t have enough energy to conduct some vacuum cleaner.


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