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Being an online student, I must say it has its pros and cons. In terms of the characteristics when speaking about an online student, it has its variations based on the understanding of each student.  As an online student, I have learned the meaning of what a learning community is and how to successfully be a part of such virtual study. Currently I am doing two classes this semester one online and the other on campus. One thing I can say regarding online studying is that self-motivation, time management and the use of technology are very important in this type of studying. With the juggling of full-time employment, parenting and online learning these skills of mastering online classes does not comes easy but with dedication, positivity and perseverance it is very much possible.  Based on my experiences so far when it comes to distance learning communication is also a very important characteristic of these online classes.        Distance learning has taught me how to communicate technologically through e-mails to my instructor and classmates, through this type of education I have learned to master the use of the online library to access various research articles. Distance learning has taught me how to utilize technology more effectively whereby using various search engines as vehicles for research, and how to evaluate the quality of research materials for various projects. The virtual classes, discussion boards and Zoom was also a new learning experience for me when it comes to the characteristics of online communication as a part of studying. These types of communication methods have enabled myself to see how a person can really get to know someone without ever meeting face to face.        Being a part of this type of learning atmosphere allows me to interact with my classmates and my professor in a unique way as oppose to the traditional way of learning.  As a distance learner, I never understood how collaboration could work with other students who has different schedules. Collaboration with other students within this learning environment can be tough but through emails and chat rooms, these lines of communication are essential in completing group assignment and help in promoting togetherness oberall.      In conclusion the characteristics of online learning as I mention varies for each student but for me the effective and successful in being an efficient online learner is that time management the communication aspect and just having a positive outlook on learning in a different realm. Distance learners must learn how to work independently by becoming very dedicated and self-motivated in completing their schedule assignments on time and finding solutions to any problem they might be having via any resources that might be of assistance for them.

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