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Before the world was what it is now there were many countries that didn’t have the same ideas, so instead of coming to an agreement they fought. Its safe to say that the human mind is created to have disagreements with others, which leads to arguments that may last for a couple of days, or even forever. The Foundations of Democracy, Enlightenment to Revolution, and The Industrial Revolution all had people who helped form a better government. Without these people in history the government wouldn’t be as strong as it is today. One of the early greek philosophers that influenced many people who later created a better government was Socrates. Socrates was born in 470 BC in Athens, Greece. His life is known through the writing of his students such as Plato. Their writings provide a idea of what his personality and philosophies were. His thoughts were known as the “Socratic Method”and were the foundation to many systems of logic. There are different theories to how Socrates supported himself, some say that he was paid for his teaching, while others say that he refused to get paid. He wanted to create a fair system that based ideas off of human reasoning rather than theological reasoning. He taught the idea that people did things for happiness and believing that trusting yourself is the best way to know your greatest abilities. He thought that this also was a way that lead into politics, neither tyranny or democracy were the best type of government in his eye. Socrates thought the best way to rule was by the people who had great intelligence and knew what was best for everyone. He persuaded people to really think about problems and come up with a reasonable answer. Socrates later was sentenced to death, he had a chance to create a reason to why he should be exiled, but he claimed to not be afraid of death and chose to die. The Enlightenment era was a time where may philosophers created new ideas, laws, books, and theories. Many people thought to test what was already known and brought new ideas to the surface. Another well known philosopher and physician was John Locke. Locke was born on August 29, 1632. He went to the University of Oxford where he studied medicine. He later became a well known philosopher writing about politics, education, and philosophy. When he was younger, because of his father’s connections, Locke was provided with an excellent education. He surrounded himself in things such as logic and classical languages. He graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in medicine. One of his well known accomplishments was his ” Two Treatises of Government ” that stirred up conflicts and influenced foundations that later formed revolutions. It is also believed that John Locke played a part in the failed attempts of assassinating King Charles ll and his brother. While he was exiled he wrote a paper called ” An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”, this paper was so inspiring that it could have lead the creation of four more books. Locke also published other pieces like, A Letter Concerning Toleration, The Reasonableness of Christianity and Some Thoughts Concerning Education. Years after John Locke’s death his ideas about Church and State, religious freedom, and liberty, influenced many europeans. The Industrial Revolution wasn’t like other eras in history. This time wasn’t like a revolution with wars, it was the time when new inventions and creations surfaced. This was a turning point in history, because it changed the world for the better. With all of the new technology, it made it easier to accomplish jobs, make more money and travel faster. An important factor around this time was the United States 28th president, Thomas Woodrow Wilson. Thomas was a academic politician who served two terms as a democratic president (1913-1921). He served two years as the New Jersey governor before becoming the president. He lead america through World War l, Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations. Some of his accomplishments were reforms for the middle class, voting rights for women and rules for world peace, but he didn’t really help improve racial issues at that time. When Wilson first came into the office he didn’t help out with women’s suffrage, later in 1918 he stated that he supported the women’s right vote with speech. During world war one, when it first started in europe, Wilson said that America was neutral and didn’t want to fight. Germany didn’t listen, so finally he declared war against them in 1917. He proposed a peace treaty called “Fourteen Points” it created a league of nations and world peace, but congress didn’t agree with the treaty. So Wilson toured the nation trying to persuade people to agree with the league. He was later awarded the nobel peace prize for his actions. Woodrow Wilson died on February 3, 1914 of a stroke and heart problems. In conclusion, these three men had great effects on history, and created a platform for governments today. Without these three men history would be much different that it is today. They all had a major affect in society that changed it for the better.      

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