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Before the internet made it’s way, it was hard to gather information, building up trust took a very long time, and there was easier examples of what passed for news in the media. The moment that social media came into the picture it has torn down the walls that blocked fake news from spreading, it has allowed anyone and everyone to create and make up stories whenever they please. The telegraph states that ‘Facebook and Twitter allowed people to exchange information on a much greater scale than ever before, in short the barriers to creating fake news have need undone’ (Titcomb, 2017). The aim and goal of fake news is to make the audience feel shocked and make them go over what they have just read, and with that it causes them to share what they had just read on Facebook, Twitter any type of social media platform without having a second thought about it, the process of this will make viewers believe what has been shared was a good idea, the cycle goes on and on to the point where people could think that it won’t end, until a big enough audience decides whether to take on what they read or label it as fake news.

An example of one of a fake news story is about the president Donald Trump who was accused of being linked to a scandal involving leaked documents. A report that involved Donald Trump’s son who allegedly got an email giving him full access to the jittery democratic emails from wikileaks, but in fact what had happened was members of Trump’s

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