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Becoming perfect doesn’t collide with being human. Humans can not become perfect in any way, if that would be so, we cannot be humans. We are all born full of mistakes, some appearing as early as in the womb. From defect in the mind, to defect in our body. But one import is that everyone makes is the mistakes in life. To try to change humans into being perfect is not impossible, but it takes away the life of being a human. In the story The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne, it shows from the scientist(Aylmer), he had a goal for his wife Georgiana’s birthmark, believing it was a sin and horror mark that he needs to find a way to remove it. This story creates many questions to the real word that we could never have an answer. Why do humans so much in becoming “perfect”? Appearance really changes how you will feel towards that person. But more ideally, should science take the place of God. The main symbol in The Birth-Mark is that humans are made of mistakes and that science should not mess with it.       Aylmer’s dedication to science begins with his attempts to lead a normal life, and find a wife. Aylmer is capable of loving his wife but his obsession with science is more overwhelming that it almost cancels out the romantic love he feels for Georgiana. Equally, Georgiana understands Aylmer’s obsession in the scientific world after being awed by his journal, and also understands that the only way for him to settle is to conduct the possibly fatal experiment. Therefore, both characters are capable of understanding that removing the mark would be an excellent experiment.           Georgiana is perhaps the most beautiful woman ever and appears to be perfect in every way, except for that tiny birthmark. Georgiana is quite happy with her beauty mark. Aylmer however, cannot stand the sight of this slight natural imperfection and is very persistent in getting it removed. “But seeing her otherwise so perfect, he found this one defect grow more and more intolerable with every moment of their united lives” (342). The birthmark on Georgiana symbolizes her humanity. Although she appears to be entirely “perfect” this mark reminds her that she is still only human. The birthmark “was the fatal flaw of humanity which Nature, in one shape or another, stamps ineffaceably on all her productions…” (344). Aylmer fails to understand that imperfection is a part of the “human package”, and that nothing, not even the greatest science can ever change that.     Hawthorne uses symbolism to show the figure of the ‘earthly imperfection’ (340) and his desperate need to change it. The shape of the birthmark was shaped as hand and this is showing a distinct connection between the shape of the birthmark as a human hand and that it has to be removed by human hands. For Aylmer to reach this goal, he ignores the fact that he is playing with something mankind can’t do: nature. The hand symbolizes humans trying to change something that is supposed to be there: something that they will think its perfect. Aylmer’s obsession with science quickly becomes overwhelming he thinks he has the potential to remove what nature did. Aylmers true goal in this story is to force Georgiana to believe that her birthmark is a symbol of her liability to sin, sorrow, decay, and death (343) and she must freeherself of it. He creates this image in order to brainwash her into believing that having the mark is bad and she changes her mind to remove it. Finally, after studying the birthmark, Aylmer sees the birthmark as a horrible image in which Aylmer had implanted in the mind of his lovely wife has become all too unbearable. Georgiana, feeling unworthy of her husband, freely surrenders herself to Aylmer and his science.      Georgiana never saw her mark ugly. This is not something she has considered since other people in her life, especially men, have always seen it as a “charm”. Aylmer being an amazing scientist almost sees himself as god and feels that he has the power to remove this imperfection. Georgiana, bothered by her husband’s reaction to her birthmark, agrees to let him try to rid her of it. Even when she finds Aylmer’s book of experiments, which all end in failure, she for the first time, has some doubt about how this will work and confronts him. He reassures her and begins to try a multitude of methods, with the help of his assistant Aminadab, which do not work. Finally, he produces a potion, which she drinks, and the birthmark begins to disappear! Slowly though, even as the experiment is working, Georgiana is fading away. He finds that ultimately, the birthmark was connected to her very soul and in his trying to act god like he actually kills her. Really this short story just proves that science has its limits and no man should try to act like he has the power of God.

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