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Bears are large carnivorous mammals that are found on
many parts of the globe. There are only eight species of bears that exist
today. Polar bears and brown bears are the two most commonly known bears in the
world.  It is often that they are
mistaken for being extremely alike when in reality they could not be any more
distinct. While they have many similarities despite contrary belief, they have
many more differences such as habitat, adaptations, reproduction and appetite.

The brown bear also known as the grizzly bear has the
widest distribution of any living bear species. They are often found in areas
near water such as lakes and rivers. They inhabit areas like North America,
Canada, Europe, and Asia. The polar bear is very fond of a cooler climate where
there is plenty of ice and snow Because of this; you can only find them in the
artic (Basic Facts about Polar Bears).
They are found in places such as Denmark, Alaska, Norway, and Canada.  Along with being a land mammal, polar bears
also spend their time under the freezing water.

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Certain characteristics of the grizzly bear make it
able to survive in its environment. They have large claws for digging to obtain
food. They also have a thick fur coating and layer of fat that helps protect
them from the harsh weather they may experience in their habitat. They are
extremely strong so that really comes in handy when they are attacking prey.
When they stand on their strong hind legs, they are able to get a much better
view of their surroundings (Brown Bears).
Since polar bears live in such an extremely cold environment, their fur is the
thickest out of the other seven bear species. The fur covers their entire body
even down their large feet. Beneath the fur is a thick layer of blubber for
insulation. Polar bears have black skin that absorbs heat. Their white fur is
also very useful because it blends into their surroundings. Their flat front
feet are perfect for swimming through the water at rapid speeds to catch their
prey (Basic Facts about Polar Bears).

Brown bears are omnivores, which means they eat plants
as well as meat. Since they live near lakes and rivers, they eat salmon and
larger animals such as moose and mountain sheep. They use their large paws to
hunt for plants such as berries, nuts, roots, and grass. Polar bears the most
carnivorous out of the entire bear species. They feed on larger animals such as
seals, walruses, and whales. They often get their food sources from underwater.

Although Brown bears and
Polar bears both reproduce sexually and give birth, they have different ways of
completing the process of reproduction. The mating season for the brown bear is
from the middle of May to early July. Brown bears are specific to a single
partner for only a limited amount of time. They only mate with the same brown
bear from a couple days to two weeks. Outside of this window, bears do not show
any  sexual interest in each other. Brown
bears give birth to cubs that weigh a little bit over a pound (Brown Bear). The mating season for polar
bears is between April and May. Partners normally stay together with the same mate
for about a week before moving on. Polar bears often have many different mates
and often have lters filled with cubs that belong to different fathers.. Polar
bear cubs are usually born a little over two pounds (Polar Bear).

Brown bears and Polar bears also have a few
similarities. For instance, they both are vulnerable species. Their habitats
are in danger due to human expansion and global warming (Eaglesong). Brown
bears’ habitats are often lost because humans destroy them for our own use.
Polar bears are losing their habitats due to global warming. Global warming is
the heating of the earth’s surface. When the earth surface is heated, the ice
melts and polar bears are left without a home.

In conclusion, it is normal and common to believe that
brown bears and polar bears share many similarities over differences. Although
they are a part of the same family of animals, they are two completely
different species. Brown bears typically live in moderate climates while the
polar bear prefers cooler weather. The animals have different adaptations that
help them survive in their respective habitats. Even though they both reproduce
sexually, the brown bear is a lot more involved in their cub lives than the
polar bear. Their appetites also differ since they live in different areas of
the globe. Even though they are different, brown bears and polar bear can
arguably be known as the two most popular bears.

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