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Tw?nty y?ars ago, India’s
buying and lif?styl? tr?nds w?r? no way similar to what w? s?? today. With
limit?d choic?s, consum?rs and f?w brands to choos? from. In 1991 India thr?w
its door op?n to int?rnational trad?, and th? situation chang?d dramatically
and so did consum?rism in India. Today, consum?rs ar? spoilt for choic?s and
fully acknowl?dg? that th?y rul? th? mark?t.

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D?spit? India having a low
p?r capita incom? it still is a lucrativ? mark?t, ?v?n for tr?ndy lif?styl?
products. On? r?ason is India’s larg? population. A siz?abl? s?ction of country’s
citiz?n forms th? working population. As for?ign trad? gr?w it op?n?d up
various job opportuniti?s and gav? sp?nding pow?r to th? p?opl?. Lif?styl? s?ctor
in India is still growing and is ?xp?ct?d to grow rapidly in th? coming f?w y?ars. Curr?ntly it’s g?n?rally includ?d und?r th? umbr?lla
of r?tail s?ctor but is constantly pushing to g?t a id?ntity of its own.























Indian lif?styl? s?gm?nt is broadly s?gr?gat?d into
urban and rural mark?ts, and is attracting mark?t?rs from across th? world. Th?
s?ctor compris?s of a hug? middl? class, r?lativ?ly larg? afflu?nt class and a
small ?conomically disadvantag?d class, with sp?nding anticipat?d to mor? than
doubl? by 2025.

India hit t?n-y?ar high and stood first among th?
63 nations surv?y?d in th? global consum?r confid?nc? ind?x with a scor? of 136
points for th? quart?r ?nding D?c?mb?r 2016.

Global corporations vi?w India as on? of th? k?y mark?ts from wh?r? futur?
growth is lik?ly to ?m?rg?. Th? growth in India’s lif?styl? mark?t would b?
primarily driv?n by a favourabl? population composition and incr?asing
disposabl? incom?s.

India’s robust ?conomic growth and rising hous?hold
incom?s ar? ?xp?ct?d to incr?as? consum?r sp?nding to US$ 4 trillion by 2025.
Th? maximum consum?r sp?nding is lik?ly to occur in housing, consum?r durabl?s,
lif?styl?, and transport and communication s?ctors.






Cat?gori?s of products

Luxury j?w?ll?ry,
appar?ls, acc?ssori?s and watch?s ar? som? of th? major products in th? s?ctor.
Whil? various ?stimat?s ?xist on th? siz? and growth pot?ntial of th? Indian lif?styl?
mark?t, most ?stimat?s align on anticipat?d growth rat? of around 20% giv?n th?
tr?m?ndous pot?ntial waiting to b? harn?ss?d in such products.


Mark?t Siz? and charact?ristics of ?ach

J?w?ll?ry and
watch?s ar? th? larg?st lif?styl? industry s?gm?nts with around 47% of th?
total mark?t follow?d by appar?l and acc?ssori?s with 14% of th? total lif?styl?
mark?t.  Gold d?mand in India ros? 30 p?r
c?nt y?ar-on-y?ar to 298.4 tonn?s b?tw??n January-Jun? 2017, back?d by robust
buying towards th? ?nd of quart?r ?nding Jun? 2017.$
India’s g?ms and j?w?ll?ry ?xports ros? 11 p?r c?nt y?ar-on-y?ar to US$ 6.78
billion in April-May 2017, support?d by incr?as? in ?xports of silv?r j?w?ll?ry,
gold m?dallions and coins.#
Cut and polish diamond ?xport constitut?d about 53 p?r c?nt of th? total g?ms
and j?w?ll?ry ?xports in valu? t?rms in FY17.

Th? g?ms and
j?w?ll?ry mark?t in India is hom? to mor? than 500,000 play?rs, with th?
majority b?ing small play?rs.

India is on?
of th? larg?st ?xport?rs of g?ms and j?w?ll?ry and th? industry is consid?r?d
to play a vital rol? in th? Indian ?conomy as it contribut?s a major chunk to
th? total for?ign r?s?rv?s of th? country. UA?, US, Russia, Singapor?, Hong
Kong, Latin Am?rica and China ar? th? bigg?st import?rs of Indian j?w?ll?ry. Th?
d?mand for gold in India ros? by 15 p?r c?nt y?ar-on-y?ar to r?ach 123.5 tonn?s
during January-March 2017, according to th? World Gold Council (WGC). Th? Goods
and S?rvic?s Tax (GST) and monsoon will st??r India’s gold d?mand going

Th? ov?rall
n?t ?xports of G?ms & J?w?ll?ry during April 2017 stood at US$ 3.2 billion,
wh?r?as ?xports of cut and polish?d diamonds stood at US$ 1.75 billion. ?xports
of gold coins and m?dallions stood at US$ 553.59 million and silv?r j?w?ll?ry ?xport
stood at US$ 768.92 million during April 2017. India has b?com? th? s?cond larg?st
?xport?r of diamonds, g?ms and ston?s to China, as total ?xports gr?w by 28.48
p?r c?nt y?ar-on-y?ar to touch US$ 2.48 billion in 2016, as stat?d by Mr
Prakash Gupta, Consul G?n?ral of India in Shanghai.

Though th?
sal? is incr?asing but th? major probl?m in th? j?w?ll?ry mark?t is sam? lik?
th? r?tail mark?t that a major part of it is unr?gulat?d.












appar?l s?gm?nt is also promising as th? Indian r?tail mark?t was worth Rs
41,66,500 cror? (US $641 billion) in 2016 and is ?xp?ct?d to r?ach Rs
1,02,50,500 cror? (US $1,576 billion) by 2026, growing at a Compound Annual
Growth Rat? (CAGR) of 10 p?r c?nt. It is ?nvisag?d that th? curr?nt fashion r?tail
mark?t worth Rs 2,97,091 cror? (US $46 billion) will grow at a promising CAGR
of 9.7 p?r c?nt to r?ach Rs 7,48,398 cror? (US $115 billion) by 2026. Th? main
consum?rs of th? s?gm?nt of watch?s ar? th? rising urban population with high?r
sp?nding capacity. This s?gm?nt has doubl?d from  FY’2013 to FY’2018 by ?xp?ri?ncing a high
growth at a CAGR of 23.3 % in th? p?riod FY’2014-FY’2018.


and Comp?tition:




Tanishq, Tbz, PC J?w?ll?ry, Nakshatra


Casio, Tim?x, Titan, Citiz?n




All?n Solly, Wrangl?r, L?vis









Mark?t Tr?nds





Growth driv?rs:

bigg?st driv?r is Indians affinity towards buying gold b?caus? Indians buy gold
on all occasions and with incr?as? in th? disposabl? incom? this s??ms to b?
incr?asing mor?

as an inv?stm?nt is also favour?d by many busin?ss class p?opl? of India

b?ing a major manufactur?r of cut and polish diamond and ?xports about 93% of
it is also a factor on mor? focus on this industry.

b?ing th? driv?r of th? ?ntir? Lif?styl? s?ctor with about 65% of mark?t shar?.





Mark?t Tr?nds




Growth driv?rs:

incr?as? in th? young working population ?sp?cially wom?n and growing opportuniti?s
in th? s?rvic? s?ctor act as th? bigg?st growth driv?rs for th? lif?styl?
industry, 60% of th? Indians ar? b?low th? ag? of 30.

d?mand for luxury watch?s in India and oth?r countri?s to b?n?fit th? mark?t

watch?s a nich? s?gm?nt thriving on th? growing promin?nc? of fitn?ss

popularity of th? smart watch?s in th? country








Mark?t Tr?nds











Th? ov?rall siz? of th? p?rfum? industry of India is curr?ntly
?stimat?d at Rs 2000 cror?s, which is proj?ct?d to grow by 50% to Rs 3000 cror?s
by n?xt 5 y?ars. Th? curr?nt onlin? p?rfum? mark?t is at Rs 148 cror?s which is
proj?ct?d to grow by approximat?ly 120% to Rs 345 cror?s. As Indian consum?rs
ar? incr?asingly turning to onlin? shopping, th? onlin? mark?t shar? of th? p?rfum?
cat?gory, which is curr?ntly 7% of th? total p?rfum? mark?t, is s?t to incr?as?
to approximat?ly by 11% by n?xt 5 y?ars. Gujarat contribut?s to approximat?ly
6% of th? total p?rfum? mark?t in India.


Growth driv?rs:

in th? disposabl? incom? of middl? class

us?d by th? young g?n?ration

incr?as? in th? young working population ?sp?cially wom?n and growing opportuniti?s
in th? s?rvic? s?ctor act as th? bigg?st growth driv?rs for th? lif?styl?
industry, 60% of th? Indians ar? b?low th? ag? of 30.

for Indian tast? and h?avy adv?rtising st?als th? show






Mark?t structur?


Titan Company Limit?d, a joint v?ntur? b?tw??n th? TATA Group
and th? Tamil Nadu Industrial D?v?lopm?nt Corporation (TIDCO) comm?nc?d op?rations
in 1984 und?r th? nam? Titan Watch?s Limit?d and is curr?ntly th? major play?r
in th? lif?styl? s?ctor with 65% mark?t shar?. Titan Company is th? fifth larg?st
int?grat?d own brand watch manufactur?r in th? world. Ov?r th? last thr?? d?cad?s,
Titan has ?xpand?d and ?xplor?d into und?r p?n?trat?d mark?ts and cr?at?d l?ading
brands across cat?gori?s.





Th? CaratLan? B?sts?ll?rs

?y? w?ar




Swot Analysis


as fashion acc?ssory

and pric? positioning

imag? and trust in th? j?w?ll?ry s?gm?nt

valu? and aft?r sal? s?rvic? off?r?d



USP is low cost watch

of futuristic approach

of fl?xibl? thinking

much mark?ting of th? fragranc? SKIN

pricing of th? p?rfum? is incorr?ct consid?ring it do?sn’t fall und?r pr?mium
rang? or th? affordabl? rang?, it falls b?tw??n th?m.



34 million watch?s ar? sold through gray mark?t chann?ls


rural mark?t

?xisting distribution chann?l and mark?t cov?rag?



many play?rs will dilut? and mark?t and th? profit margin

pric?d china watch?s

phon?s hav? r?duc?d th? d?p?nd?ncy on wrist watch?s

many comp?titors in th? j?w?ll?ry mark?t

unr?gulat?d mark?ts















Comp?titor charact?ristics








Diamonds and j?w?ll?rs


Lif?styl? and r?tail


B?autiful, ?l?gant and tim?l?ss



Patroniz?d by all woman who ador?  th?
diamond who buys diamond  for pr?stig?, for a status symbol and to gain

Targ?t Group

Upp?r middl? and upp?r class from th? urban ar?as


D?picts th? cultur? and tradition of India


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