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The gaming industry is something
that has continued to evolve since it started, not only have game graphics got
much better making some games look like movies but certain franchises have used
the years to further develop their plots and characters. This report will be
looking at a few iconic games that every gamer has played be it the old one or
the new one.

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1.0  Terms
of Reference

Stephen Colbert Lecturer has
requested Chloe Forrester to write a report to examine the development that has
been made in gaming. It is a requirement of Communication Level 6 unit and is
due to be submitted October 27th 2017.


2.0  Procedures

Research for this report was
conducted via the internet.


3.0  Findings

3.1   Evolution
of Video Games

Video games have come a long way,
from staring off as 2D games with little to no graphic detail to the newer 3D
games with so much graphic detail that they look like movies, to the newest 4D
with virtual reality, which is taking over the world.

Games have been a constant in a lot
of generations life’s, from Pac man on the arcade machine, to Call of Duty on
the Xbox 360 / PS4 to now being able to play games on your iPhone like temple
(Kennedy, 2016)

Game Example One

Lara Croft, is a good example of how much the gaming
industry has changed in the last 21years, especially this game. Lara Croft was
introduced to gamers back in 1996. Many years past after the original three
were made before gamers saw her again in 2013 and then again in 2015.

Many things had gotten better for the game, for example;
graphics, story and gameplay.


Here is what Lara
Croft looked like back in 1996;








Here is what Lara Croft looks like in the newer game (2015);







They look like two
different people. Not only were the characters better modelled but background
graphics were changed for the better too.

 Lara Crofts story has developed over the years
as in the first few games in the franchise, gamers only really got to see her
as strong independent explorer, gamers didn’t really get to connect with the
character as there was little to no backstory. However in recent games a new
side of Lara Croft has been showed to the world and gamers can now understand
her as gamers are shown crucial life changing moments. In the newest game in
2015 the game takes a different direction taking Lara and the user back to her
teenage/early twenties where she is just becoming the Lara Croft that gamers
got to see in older versions of the game.

Gameplay has changed massively as well, in the older games
like Tomb Raider I and Tomb Raider II 1996-1997 a lot of your fighting were
done by fighting off animals like leopard and gorillas. In the 2015 games there
is not a lot of this kind of fighting there were a few wolves but nothing like
the original games.

Fighting mechanics have also changed taking note of other
successful franchises COD and Assassins Creed Lara Croft had some similar
fighting strategies like, being able to sneak up to enemies and being able to
stealth kill them, which is something a lot of gamers see in Assassins Creed. (Kristin, 2016)

3.3 Game Example Two

Another game example is the Call of Duty Franchise.

Many things had gotten better for the game, for example;
graphics, story and gameplay.

Here is what Call of
Duty looked like back in 2003;










And here is what it
looks like in their r newest expansion in









This franchise started off by
making a game which would focus on the men who fought in WW2. It was successful
at it allowed players to go back in time and see what it would have been like
for Americans, Britain and Russians, fighting against Nazis, players are also
not alone with computer comrades following you along the missions and helping
you out like a proper quadrant.

In recent years the franchise has
started being creative with their stories making a fictional modern world,
where they players went from playing as soldiers to special operatives.

In 2007 with the release of Call
of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, they started doing a multiplayer, where players can
do red vs blue type games which would unlock a lot of perks, customized weapons
and even having its own rank system. (Koch, 2014)

Example three

Another game example is the Sims. 

The game has kept the same agenda for each game it has
produced. The aim of the game is to be able to make ‘people’ and control their

This is what Sims looked like back in 2000;









And this is what it
looks like in 2014;








A big thing that players like this game for is that
everything is customisable, you have the ability to control every aspect of
their lives, their personality’s, their jobs, who they marry and where and how
they live.

The Sims have a load
of expansion packs, which further the experience for the players.

(Bruschi, 2017)

3.5 The Future of Video Games Visuals

“Game developers are increasingly interested in highly
simulated and dynamic worlds that allow players to create, destroy, and
interact with the environment in interesting ways,” says Tony Tamasi, senior
vice president of content and technology at graphics hardware specialist

This new movement in the gaming world has made a drastic
change to the type of games that are made available to gamers, games such as
Far Cry, which is a game that surrounds the players with amazing scenery and it
allows the player to do as they want, they can complete missions or roam around
the world and destroy as they please.  (Stuart, 2015)


This report was conducted to find out how much games have
advanced and how much more they will advance in the future. This report shows
good examples of franchises who have been in the business long enough for there
to be a significant difference between their original games and their newest.
Future games will also continue to get better.




















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