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Autobiography: Allen IversonAllen iverson, one of the best players in NBA Allen Iverson was born Hampton virginia on june 7 1975. Growing up as a kid in Hampton was hard for him not to get into drugs and alcohol, but Allen iverson kept telling himself that he was going to be a professional basketball player or a professional football player when he grows up. Allen iverson never knew his biological father because he was always in prison. So his mom took him under her wing and led him to be one of the best basketball players in the world. Allen iverson wanted to be a football player at first, because that’s what he was taught to play, he was good at it but one day when he got back from football practise his mom told him that she signed him up for basketball, Iverson didn’t want to play at first because he thought it was to soft but as soon as he finished the first tryout he knew that he loved basketball too. Iverson was about six years old when he started to play basketball, he was a couple of years ahead of his age group when he played basketball, his coach james johnson said that he had that hate to lose attitude but never was disrespectful when he lost he was always very sportsmanlike.One day Iverson said to his coach that he could take on michael jordan,so every day He would always come to his best  friends house and knock on the door at 7:00 in the morning and say let’s go to the basketball court cause he was 100% devoted to sports. But in the 8th grade Allen iverson started to fail his classes, ditch last period and get into fights all the time, up to the point where Allen Iverson failed 8th grade. So Allen Iverson got held back and the first month of school his coach took him to live with him in downtown hampton, his coach would get him into detention and not getting him suspensions. One time Allen Iverson ditched schools last period 54 times and his coach almost threw Iverson into his car window. But Allen Iverson ended up passing the grade and going to high school, he went to bethel high school where he met his wife Tawanna Turner. In ninth grade Allen iverson broke his ankle while playing football so he couldn’t play any sports, but in 10nth grade Iverson was back to what he does best, playing football and demolishing the court. When it came to football Allen Iverson was the best quarterback and safety of the year and when it came to basketball Iverson was the best point guard of the year and soon played at a varsity level. Iverson led both hid football and basketball teams to the state championship, after that year Allen Iverson went to the bowling alley with his friends and they got into a racial fight with the white people there and IVerson was accused for hitting a woman with a chair. But What happened was that a few guys from pokuta started to get in Iversons face because people from pokuta didn’t like black people for some reason so they started to throw chairs at Iverson and that’s when it went off. Allen Iverson was sentenced 15 years in prison with a 10 year suspension, but only faced 3 months in jail after the mayor of the town signed a paper saying that he could get out. Allen Iverson graduate high school but since he was sentenced no one wanted to take him, until about 2 weeks later Iverson and his mom made a video saying what he’s been through and what a good kid he was to georgetown and they accepted him. So Allen Iverson was off to georgetown, he still excelled at what he did rather it came to school work to basketball Allen Iverson was on top of it, The first year he played at georgetown Allen Iverson announces that he’s going to the NBA. Just a couple of months before the NBA draft Allen Iverson announced that he was signing with reebok, when the NBA draft came Allen Iverson was the number 1 pick in the NBA draft and he was drafted by the philadelphia 76ers. The first year he was in the NBA Iverson was crowned rookie of the year and rookie mvp, his game style was like no one else’s in the NBA. when he faced the bulls the bulls coach said that michael guard Iverson, so as soon as Iverson got the ball, Iverson gave michael jordan 1 mini crossover then he crossed michael jordan like it was nothing he then scored in michael jordan’s face. A year later Allen Iverson was riding in the car his friends and the friend was speeding so they got pulled over, but the officer saw that there was drugs and a gun in the car so the officer arrested Iverson and his friends. They went to court and the judge put Iverson and his friends on probation, after probation Allen Iverson changed the basketball style with cornrows and tattoos and hip hop. Although most people in the NBA liked it some people did not so the NBA decided to put a dress code for the players. Iverson reached a point where he didn’t care and thought that the NBA was just a game until the day that he got a phone call saying that he is going to be traded then he realized that the NBA isn’t a game its business. Fortunately Iverson did not get traded and he just skyrocketed up to be the top 3 best players in the league, in the all star game he led the east all stars to a victory even when they were down by 21.  Allen Iverson led the 76ers to he NBA finals but unfortunately lost it in the 7th game, but that was Allen Iverson’s best year so far according to his coach.            

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