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Abstract—Attendance automation has become one of the most

important needs
in educational institutions and work places across the world, since it saves
time and accurate too. Face recognition system needs least human cooperation
and is viable too. The system automatically detects the student’s entry in the
class and marks attendance for the particular student periodically. The data collected
can be used by the system further for attendance score calculation and other
managerial decisions. Arduino is used to create and control the system that
could automatically mark the attendance for the students. Thus the system
reduces the manual collection of attendance and the time taken for report


Microcontroller; Face Recognition; Pattern


technology is going at a very fast rate and the

things are getting automated day by day. A
boon in the field of

technology is Internet of Things (IoT). It

communication between two hardware devices
with help of

Internet. Internet is the major communication
resource, almost

used by the entire world. In other words, IoT
can be as an

internetworking of physical devices,
vehicles, buildings, etc.,

deployed along with electronics, software,
sensor, network

connectivity that enables communication. Some
of the major

devices of IoT include heart monitoring
implant, biochip

transponders on farm animals, electronic
clams in coastal

waters, automobiles with built-in sensors,
DNA analysis

devices. In olden days, the organizations
made use of manual

sources for attendance marking. As the
technology grew, the

attendance based information were stored in
databases with security of data taken into consideration and also for accuracy

manual collection of attendance was replaced
by RFID based

attendance system. In RFID, the users were
provided with a tag

as the pass key and a tag reader was used to
read the presence.

But, the tag reader was time consuming. Also,
there were

chances of misusing the cards (one person
could have two cards

at once and mark attendance for the missing
person too).

In order to overcome, the drawbacks of RFID,

biometric identification was introduced. The
biometric includes

various types like, thumb impression, face
pattern, iris pattern,

etc., the thumb pattern for each person is
unique and it was easy

way to make use of it as an identifier
entity. But, then if there

was any bruise in the fingers, then the
pattern would mismatch.

So, the face recognition turned out to be the
most suitable

method for identifying purpose.

II.literature survey

The authors Arulogun O. T. et al speaks about
how to

solve recurrent lecture attendance monitoring
problem using

RFID technology 1. Student attendance monitoring has been

developed, deployed and is capable of reducing
time taken

during manual collection of attendance. The
authors Karthika

R., et al speaks about how Face Recognition
system can be used

for security purpose 2. It also elaborates on how a person’s

face is scanned and matched against a library
of known faces.

In future, instead of face images the live
movements of face can

be detected. Face recognition is an effective
means for

authenticating a person. The demand for
secure system is

covered which has to be reliable and fast
responded for the

industries and companies 3. Hence attendance automation

which is accurate is elaborated and covers
the steps to be taken for the same. Here, if the faces are not recognized in

database, then the threshold value of the
pixel points varies and

considered as unrecognized face or asks user
to update in the

database. It also speaks about Principal
Component Analysis

(PCA). PCA is used to reduce image dimension
space which is

needed to describe data from the database. Images
stored are in gray scale. Test images are converted to gray scale, which is
easier for applying computational techniques in image processing. In PCA algorithm,
the Eigen face and Eigen vector are used to calculate the threshold value and
to identify the presence of a person.



The proposed system makes use of face

technique to identify the student’s presence
and mark

attendance. For every period the attendance
can be updated

same as the previous period’s value. In case,
if the students go

out in between, then their faces are to be
again analyzed and the

attendance is hold on for 15 minutes
(excluding break and lunch

hours). While re-entering the attendance is
marked “present”

again if the students come back within
15minutes. If not then

the attendance is marked “absent”. Hence
periodic attendance is

automated. The stored data can be further
used for attendance



The attendance automation is achieved through

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