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the moment, people are cope with the challenge of forming highly-educated
individuals. An individual who is a communicator of information should have
sufficient skills and knowledge in technology as the main dissemination of
knowledge of the 21st century is connected to information technology. Thus,
today’s society is beginning to look for other another possibility to overcome
difficulties in communication tools such as telephones, newspapers, and letters
using the internet as a new media communication.


2.1       Mass Media

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This era we are overcome with overwhelming information. We
can easily get any information. Past few years back, desktop computers,
internet only at home and cybercafé. Now there’s Wi-Fi, internet and smartphone
as the main medium of dissemination of information. The mass media around the world are constantly posting programs themed
health, environment, community and others to enhance knowledge and influence
viewers’ attitudes about issues to be communicated (Brodie, Foehr, Rideout,
Baer, ??Miller, Flournoy & Altman, 2001). This can be supported by Kennedy,
O’Leary, Beck, Pollard and Simpson (2004) whom indicate that mass media is also
categorized as the right and strategic source for making changes in society.
Broadcasting media, especially television, have the advantage of effectively
disseminating information to the audience.


Obviously, media organizations are
responsible for ensuring the dissemination of information so that the public can
make wise decisions in their lives. Media is also capable of forming people’s
minds and views on issues (Sotirovic, 2003). This is because of the mass media
that serves as a roller bearer or gate-keepers, so an informational choice of
media is seen as capable of forming different values, attitudes, and
perceptions within society. Essentially, the use of media such as newspapers,
radio, television, the internet is closely linked to the efforts to shape
changes within the community. Mass media plays a big role in shaping social
change towards society. This happened because mass media access is so
widespread. Even messages delivered through the media are also effective in
raising awareness, promoting positive change and attitude audience of a public


2.2       Type of information sharing

There are several types of information sharing. According
to Pilerot and Limberg (2010), noted that information has been shared through
various modes, with the use of electronic media such as ICT systems which
receive or send electronic data such as e-mails or document retrieval through
cell phone calls face-to-face discussions, and also through printed media.


Pilerot and Limberg, (2010) stated it shows that the
activity of information sharing has been approached mainly from a technological
side. Information sharing must be fixed as a situated and collective practice
that needs to be advanced from a social as well as technical sides. A study by
Pilerot (2010), found that information-sharing activities are mostly
intertwined with other information applies such as information seeking and








2.3       Information sharing and sensitivity

In Malaysia, there were a record stated that 167 Internet
and social media cases which investigated by the Malaysian Communications and
Multimedia Commission (MCMC) between last year (2016) and Feb 1, 2017 this
year, including the dissemination of false content and information via
WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter platforms.


Information sharing is the procedure of exchanging data or
information between several computer networks and users. According to Omar,
Ramayah, Lo, Sang and Siron, (2010) showed that information sharing relates to
activities of distributing beneficial information among people. Information
sharing should address the subsequent matters such as ‘what to share’, ‘whom to
share’, ‘how to share’, and ‘when to share’. The information deficiency or
overload and improve supply chain reaction. According to Davenport and Hall
(2002), information sharing is an important element of information behavior.


Social media such as Facebook is one of the platforms used
as a medium of information dissemination to the general public. Facebook is
also being misused for the purpose of spreading lies and misleading facts to
change general perceptions of an issue. The quick progress of communication
technology has enabled people not only in Malaysia but also all over the world
and to share information that occurs simultaneously throughout the world.
However, people tend to forget to mind the sensitivity of issues contained.







2.4       Privacy and Security

The concept of privacy in general means
that no one should be able to observe things about a person without that
person’s knowledge. Social media sharing which agree to its users to produce
and share different categories of content. Ahern, Eckles et al. (2007) indicates
that posting content such as portrait and video arise new confidentiality
concerns due to their context revealing details about the physical and social
context of the subject and analyzing the matter. Based on Das and Sahoo (2011)
normally users do not think or are not even aware of the possibilities when
they share something online.


Lipton (2009) claims media sharing does
not only raise privacy issues regarding the people sharing content about them.
Even though a photo also can tell a thousand words which also might create
wrong impression of what was actually happening.


Facebook has met criticism on variety of
issues, as well as online privacy, hate speech and child safety. There has
been more confidentiality issues with Facebook. One category of serious privacy
violation that happens in social sharing involves photos. For example in the cases of
Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah’s arson suspects on Facebook info about
suspects. As a user of social media, people should aware about the importance
of privacy and the sensitivity of personal data and information. Regarding the
issues of revealing the personal information of the suspect is an unethical. Furthermore, when the pictures and information of all
the suspects are dispersed, they have not yet been confirmed by the police.
Hence following the dissemination of information on Facebook some post has got
a several of negative comment from the Facebook user.




2.5       Information sharing and Child Act 611 in

Misran Rokimin (2001) claimed that children like to play.
They are always on the move, playing with peers, and chasing, climbing,
sporting and playing games through internet access, cellphone. Being worried if
there is no monitoring from parents, they are not good at managing their time
and neglecting their learning to cause loss. A child is naturally born with a
character that tends to do violence and also does something out of the ordinary


On September 28, two children (of seven children suspected
to burn Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah’s, Datuk Keramat) were present at
the Magistrate’s Court in Kuala Lumpur for allegedly killing 21 students and
two teachers of the Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah’s. Both of them (aged
16 years) were charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code (murder) read
together with Section 34 of the same law. There is only one penalty for murder
under Section 302, the mandatory death sentence. Under Section 2 of the Age
Adults, 1971, a person is counted an adult when reaches the age of 18 years.
Under Section 2 of the Child Act 2001 (Act 611), the term “child” is
defined as “a person under the age of 18”. These two laws show when a
person is under 18, he is a child and is entitled to full protection under Act
611 (Utusan Online)


Act 611 passed by Parliament as a sign of the Malaysian
government’s commitment to carry out its obligations under the Convention on
the Rights of the Child. This Act abolished three previous laws namely the
Juvenile Courts Act 1947, the Women and Girls Protection Act 1973 and the Child
Protection Act 1991.


Under Section IV of the Act 611, a Court for Children is
established (Section 11 to 16) while the criminal procedure in this court is
detailed in Section X (Sections 83 to 104). This means that when a child in
Malaysia commits a criminal offense, Act 611 requires that the child not be
tried in a regular court (an adult court) and also not subject to the usual
criminal procedure applicable to adults.


2.6       Truthfulness of the source information in
social media

According to Vilpponnen (2006) the causes do not work
online in the same way that they work in real life communications. These
variances in online and offline communication arise due to the unique features
of the online environment that affect differences in perceptions of an
information source’s trustworthiness. In order to discuss online trust more
in-depth, it is required to define trust and trustworthiness. Earlier
researchers used such terms as “credibility,” “trustworthiness,” and
“reputation” (e.g., Delarocas, 2002; Jin & Phua, 2014) to discuss the
potential of information sources. As stated earlier, some researchers decide
between these terms.

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