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Autism mental illness is a lifelong process. I have discussed it in my work above. It affects most parts of the child’s development, how he makes sense of the world around them. Children with this syndrome vary enormously from each other. But all of them (the same symptoms) is difficulties with social communication. For example, social rules, conversation, patterns of behaviour. The intervention, treatment should individually for each child and based on their strengths and interests, flexible. for example, a good eye for small details (puzzles, constructor, flash cards), memory for figures, facts.  The intervention, a treatment, a therapy or provision of a service, should designed to help children on the autism spectrum.  Now in Ireland is a lot of the methods, intervention techniques to increase adaptive behaviour, communication skills, imaginative behaviour. Help to reduce problematic behaviour (tantrums, scrimping, aggressiveness); to take the control of the medical condition, such as epilepsy and improve the best quality of life of the children with autism. Actually, parents, practitioners use the complex of the intervention. It depends on the level of illness, on a range of different factor (financial, family relationship, family believes, medical support, may food) including the needs of the child:

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·         Psychotherapy

·         Medication

·         Alternative communication- PECS, Lamh, speech therapy

·         Special classes for children with autism disorders

·         Behavioural approaches

·         Diets- gluten free, casein-free diet

·         Motor/Sensory Interventions

(Introduction to Interventions for Autism, 2017)


This type of therapy based on communication with the trained therapist and with the child one to one or in the group with other children, may with the parents. The therapy is used to deal with the emotional problem, mental health condition, help to explore and discuss feelings a child has about himself and other people who very close to him. It helps to see some problems deeper and solve it early as it is possible and deal with some not nice habits and unsocial behaviour. Psychotherapy mostly focuses on talking but here can be used complex of the methods for easy to interact with the child, if he doesn’t speak properly or very small and shy. For example, art, drama, play, music, depends on the child’s interests.

 (Psychotherapy and Autism, 2017)

Occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy are free of charge. sometimes the parents use another private service.


Acupuncture is the therapy which is used inserting and manipulating needles into ” acupuncture points” is routinely used to treat a wide variety of conditions but especially musculoskeletal pain. This method is available for older children if they feel heavy pain and not be treated with traditional methods- medicaments. Sometimes is useful low electrical stimulation, heat or herbs are applied to assists the pain, have body and muscles relax. (Types of Autism Interventions, 2017)

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the assessment and treatment based on specific activities to prevent disability in the future, promote an independence in everyday life such as dressing, eating, toileting. Help to the child with Autism involving in social interaction, making and completing play activity, school tasks. Also, help to the child in the future find own place and working as a person in some sector. For example, working with the computer, with the animals, gardening.  (Types of Autism Interventions, 2017)

Behavioural and developmental intervention

Behavioural intervention focuses on child’s behaviour. For example, talking with another child, an adult, with respect and understanding the value and norms. The teacher or therapist breaks down the tasks onto the small parts to achieve the positive results. A child with ADDC like all children should learn to keep down his aggression towards other, to control his emotions. Developmental intervention is focused more on child’s holistic development such as communication, language skills and then on cognitive thinking than not only on child’s behaviour. 

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