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and good morning everyone. Today I would like to share to all of you some
information about junk food. Do you love to eat junk food? Do you have ever
thought about its dark side? For most of us, I’m sure that we are enjoying eat
junk food. Am I right? According to Al-Saad (2016) fast food or junk food are
meals that rich in fats, sugars, oils, salts, high-calories, but have low
nutritional value and quality. The examples of junk food are chicken nuggets,
burgers and fried potato cutter, canned chips, pies, pizza and soft drinks. Today,
I would like to tell you that people should stop to eat junk food. There are
three reasons to support my opinion. Junk food can cause obesity, heart
disease, and also memory and learning problems.


            First, junk food can cause obesity. Junk
food was rich of carbohydrates, sugars and fats which can lead to the
accumulation of calories. Calories that accumulated in the body was the main
cause of obesity. Besides, junk food also rich of sodium that causing the water
was holding in the body which also lead up to obesity. According to Ashakiran
& Deepthi (2012), high calorie content with sugar can lead to obesity.

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            Now let’s talk about heart diseases.
Junk food was rich in fat that can lead to accumulation of fat in blood vessel.
Accumulation of fat in blood vessel causing the narrowing of blood vessel and
the blood flow will be slow which is can contribute to cardiovascular disease. Higher
intake of junk food that high in cholesterol and salt also can be the reason of
increasing blood pressure, stroke and heart disease in a chain. According to
Al-Saad (2016), fast food not only high amount of calories, but also high
percentage of saturated fats that can causes of high blood cholesterol that
lead up to atherosclerosis, coronary heart and stroke.


            Finally, a third reason was memory
and learning problems. Food that rich in sugar and fat can block or inhibit the
activity of a brain peptide knows as brain-derived neutrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF
was a factor that assist in learning and memory formation. So, if it was
blocked, then the memory and learning process will be disturbed. Besides, our
brain also have synapses that function for learning and memory. If we eat too
much of food that high calories content, then its can interrupt the normal
production and function of the synapse. According to Arya & Mishra (2013),
a lot of research showing that junk food can cause dyslexia, attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.


            In closing, I hope I have shown you
why we should stop to eat junk food. As I said before, the effects of eating
junk food are you can get an obesity, heart disease and might have memory and
learning problems. I know that it is not easier for us to stop eating junk
food, but we should try to control and slowly stop eating it. However, I
encourage you to carefully consider with my argument for yourself and people
around you. Love yourself, Love Myself. Thank you.

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