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As seen in the diagram, managerial
ethics and stressors, environment, organization, personal and individual
differences. Environmental uncertainty influences the design
of an organization’s structure, it also influences stress level among employees
in an organization. Changes in the business cycle create economic
uncertainties. When the economy is contracting, people become anxious about
their job security. The poor organizational factors cause stress among the
employees such as pressures to avoid errors or complete tasks within a limited
time, work overload, a demanding and insensitive boss and unpleasant coworkers
and so on. It has categorized these factors around task, role and interpersonal
demands. Task demands factors are related to a person’s job. It includes the
design of the individual’s job, working conditions, and the physical work
layout. Working in an overcrowded room or in a visible location where noise and
interruptions are constant can increase anxiety and stress. The family issues,
personal economic problems, and inherent personality characteristics encompass
the employee’s personal life. Both the family duties and individual’s official
work are affected. Employees can perform very well when they have the optimum
work load. Some people thrive on stressful situations, while others are
overwhelmed by them. People’s ability differs in handling stress. According to Stephen
P. Robbins17 the following six variables have been found to be relevant
moderators. Those are perception, job experience, and social support, belief in
locus of control, self-efficacy, and hostility. The employees react in response
to their perception of reality rather than to reality itself. Therefore,
perception moderates the relationship between a potential stress condition and
an employee’s reaction. The experience on the job tends to be negatively
related to work stress. Employees who remain for a long time in an organization
eventually develop coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

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