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As much as it may seem like fashion, art, interior
designing and even architecture have been dramatically modernizing, mid-century
modern shows us how it’s pretty much the same as before. With vintage, bold
colors and classy wooden furniture, mid-century modern keeps bringing back everything
that has been good about style. Many have classified the décor of the hit TV
show Mad Men as Mid-Century Modern
and if you’ve seen it you’ll understand why this style has been trending for so

Now to understand the gist of this style of decor,
there are a few things we will notice are always there:

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Unique designs

Warm tones

Abstract/geometric artwork

After we have all those down, we have to know how the
separate elements that contribute to giving us that Mid-Century Modern vibe.

The walls are always kept a neutral color
in this style of décor. Colors like faded mint; olive-green, vibrant red and
sky blue look AMAZING as a base. But smoky grey is the most used and for good reason.
With colors like these as a background, you can use any kind of furniture and
play with the theme a little.

To go with the warm tone of the wall
we need decorative items like artwork or a vintage clock that gives off that Mad Men vibe. Usually, clocks with a
geometric shape look very mid-century. Other than that repetitive patterns in
clocks go with this style. Besides that, many traditional clocks with a wooden
finish look great.

Putting up artwork has always been a
good way to make boring walls look more vibrant. And luckily with neutral tones
as backgrounds we can focus on artwork to make our décor look more mid-century.
The key to keeping things mid-century is abstract pieces with geometric or
repetitive patterns.

Furniture in this style HAVE to be
wooden or metallic. Other than that, things made with plastic, metal, glass
,etc. also look amazing. Small and low furniture with unique patterns are used to
give us that 1960s vibe. Circular, small chairs, leather sofas and low
rectangular tables look very classy and also, help us complete our look. Curvo
chairs and Egg chairs look very chic around a coffee table. But what twists it
up is a hanging chair, bringing in a bit of softness to the bold look.

Lastly, do not forget to keep
a tropical feel. In order to make an interior mid-century modern, hanging
plants come in handy. Any kind of potted plant kept at a corner or
strategically placed in your room will make the colors in your room vibrant and
gracefully complete the look you wanted.

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