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Around the age of ten, I decided I wanted to work with
numbers as I was fascinated with what my father did for a living. As a former
banker, businessman and entrepreneur he always involved me in the monetary and
financial world whenever the opportunity arose. This charmed me to look into
business/accounting and financial management. Following Brexit and the
controversies around the effect it will have on businesses and trade within
Europe, my interest in business amplified as I would like to open a hair business
in the future. Business is particularly captivating as it is a broad subject
and has different degrees under it such as accounting, finance and human
resource management which are a combination of what I really want to study at

A-level Maths has allowed me to develop a logical and
analytical way of thinking, key skills in business. Through studying an
intellectually stimulating course, I have gained transferable skills such as
problem-solving and operating with numbers. My maths AS exams did not reflect
my skills so I was given a chance to re-sit them, where I actually achieved
better grades. As a multilingual person, being fluent in English, Spanish and
French will be beneficial when trading with international companies and organisations.
I am passionate about languages, which is the reason why I researched and
decided to do an online French A-level as there were no language courses at my
college. I am self-motivated so I decided to do an Extended Project
Qualification alongside my A-levels where I had to provide a piece of work on
the ethics of beauty and cosmetic testing on animals. This is because I am
interested in knowing the harm it has on animals, what the government says
about it, and what businesses are doing about the issue.

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As my school’s volleyball team captain, I showed off my
leadership skills. This skill was accredited after completing a career pathways
programme at my college, where I received a certificate. I also acquired
teamwork and communication skills. I am a self-employed part-time hair stylist.
I promote my hair business by the use of social media which attracts a lot of
customers. This requires a lot of research on pricing, hourly rates as well as
self-promotion thus increasing my understanding of the marketing world. Hair
styling has also given me transferable skills such as time management and good
organisation; I have to balance my hours of work and study. Working at the
Barking and Dagenham Registry office in London improved my customer service
skills. This experience was mainly to deal with the public and involved finding
records, providing copy documentation and call handling. This required me to
follow procedures like checking customer’s ID and accuracy as I had to provide
legal documents to the customers. I also had to study people and emotions,
which aid in Human Resource and recruitment; branches of business studies. My
critical thinking and problem-solving skills were put to test when I worked at
a call centre representing the Samsung Group. This role required a lot of
reflective listening and accurate decision making about what action to take
when someone called. I am a trustworthy person and I can maintain
confidentiality to achieve customer satisfaction.

After  A-levels, my
initial plan was to take a gap year but I soon changed my mind and enrolled at
the Open University to do a course in Business Management (Accounting). I am
currently working towards one hundred and twenty credits which I know I will
achieve by the end of this academic year as I have been getting high grades
ever since I started the course. This has not only helped me gain a lot of
knowledge within business, finance and accounting, but it has also made me
grow, be more responsible, organised and mature because distance learning requires
a lot of discipline. Self-growth has increased my motivation and I know I have
the abilities and capacities it takes to make it through the three years at

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