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Are you one of those people that aren’t scared of hurricanes because you think that hurricanes aren’t dangerous?  Well let me tell you they are very dangerous and I will be telling you some of the dangers of hurricanes and how to be prepared for them. How do Hurricanes form?How does a hurricane form?  Have you wondered this before, why do all the sudden these big storms build up in the  ocean and can harm us.  Well you are about to learn how they form and different parts of the Hurricane as it forms.  Warm air and fuel are a big part in the formation process like fuel playes a big part when you cook food.  With this fuel and warm air a hurricane also needs warm ocean waters close to the equator.  But that’s not all   When the warm air rises from the ocean and cools off the water the air forms clouds which is the start of a Hurricane.  As the air spins like a tornado the winds get faster and faster until they are very strong and could kill many of people.  That’s how a Hurricane forms.Where can Hurricanes Occur?Where can Hurricanes occur and can they Hurt me where I live?  Do you live in a place where Hurricanes are possible?  Well you are about to find out right now.  Hurricanes usually happens along the coasts and a few states above those states.  I am sure you all know a big one.  Florida.  The reason Florida is a big state for a Hurricane can hit is because when you look at a map you know how Florida sticks out.  This means that Florida is surrounded by water so it’s more likely to get Hurricanes than any other state in the U.S.  Also some other states that Hurricanes can hit at are, Louisiana as we learn from Hurricane Katrina, North Carolina as we learn from hurricane Maria, and Texas as we learn from Hurricane Harvey.WarningsWhen is a Hurricane going to hit?  If you want to know when a Hurricane is going to hit here are some warnings.  The first warning is heavy rains and violent winds  If you live near an ocean and you feel the wind get really strong and you see some heavier winds to go get the supplies you need witch I will explain later what supplies you needHow to be preparedWhen a Hurricane is about to hit you you always need different supplies to live so here are some things you will need to survive a Hurricane.  You will need a lot of bottled water to keep hydrated for when the power may go out.  You can also get a generator wich gives you power for some time while the power is down but is always good to keep water on hand just in case your generator stopped working and you can’t get water from your fridge or sink.  Also it is good to have some canned food on hand or even bread so that you can eat some food because when the power goes out and your generator stopped working you can’t get access to a lot of cold food products. So you will need to stalk up on a lot of canned food or even bread to eat because no one wants to eat moldy or spoiled food if all you have is cold products at hand.  So those are some ways to get food and water even if you don’t have access to other stuff like your fridge sink and freezer to get the stuff you need.  Now I hope you know how to be prepared for a hurricane because you never know when a Hurricane is going to pop up somewhere and hit you.  Also a little tip buy that kind of stuff ahead of time because when a hurricane pops up everyone rushes to the store to buy all of that.What do you need in the situation of a hurricane?Most of the stuff you need is explained in how to be prepared but here are some more tips on what you need in he situation of  hurricane.  In the situation of a hurricane you would want to find a very high place where the water is less likely to reach you in a high place. Or if you have a plastic tub that can hold heavy stuff and float get into the tub and you should float in the water as the water rises.What to do when a Hurricane occurs A Hurricane may pop up and you need to take cover so here is what you may need to do when a hurricane is about to pop up and you don’t know what to do so here is what you may need to do.  1st you want to grab all of your bottled water canned food and bread.  If your generator is not working yet it’s best to get it working before the hurricane starts.  Then once you have all of that done it’s time to go to your high place and take cover.  Make sure to remember to use your power, water and food wisely.I hope now you understand the importance of hurricanes because they can be very deadly and if you aren’t scared of them you are more likely to die.  So I hope you learned some good tips to survive a hurricane when one is about to hit you and you don’t know what to do.

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