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Anime has been a great part of Japan’s culture for decades. At the early stages of anime being brought up into the culture it started of being made with a chalkboard. Once the characters were drawn the animator would anytime erase the entire character and redraw then in the different position so it looks like they have moved to either a different place or a different position. By the website RightStuf, this gave Japan the first anime. The anime “was probably released in late 1916 or very early ’17 by Oten Shimokawa”. This technique also catered to the first animated film, Dekobo Shingacho – Meian no Shippai or the english translation of Dekobo’s New Picture. This film was made by three Japanese men, two manga artist, Oten Shimokawa and Junichi Kouchi and a painter, Seitaro Kitayama. After they were “hired by existing film studios and working with very small crews, these three men qwew responsible for the remarkable output that first year and have been nicknamed “the fathers of anime”. After that technique, there was a form that was used for the drawing technique that involved paper cutouts which was basically just 2D animation. This type of animation continued into the early 1930’s which created the first anime with voices, Chikara to Onnano Yo no Naka or the English translation of Within the World of Power and Women by Kenzo Masaoka. The art technique changed again in 1934 with anime being completely be made with cels which was also made by Kenzo Masaoka and the animation was called Chagama Ondo or the english translation of The Dance of the Chamgamas. Later on, WWII (World War II) happened and Japan used anime as propaganda. One of the most well recognized ones was released in 1945 and was called Momotaro: Umi no Shinpei or the english translation of  Momotaro, Sacred Sailors. With WWII gone, a lot of anime was lost within the bombings of the two major cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But it progressed on to the 1950s which is where a lot of recognizable anime comes from. This was the age of space and robots which made a whole genre called mecha anime. Within the late 1950s and early 1960s Japan and the United States saw their first anime on television which was only a television special and not a full series. The full series did not happen until mid 1960s. From here modern anime fans can be seen.

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