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Animals Farm by George Orwell it was first published on the 17 August, 1945 Secker and Warburg, London, England. In this Fiction book it was about the Soviet Union in the 1940s and other major leader in WW2 1940s. All the leader was represented by animals.The book take place in England on a farm named Manor Field in early 1900s’. This third person omniscient tell about how the farm animals had been treated with such cruelty from their “master”. One day the had a meeting about the cruelty that they face from the human kind. Each type of animals had their own type of ideology of the way animals should be treated. The pigs (Snowball and Napoleon) , horses(Boxer and Clover) , donkey(Benjamin)  , cattle, sheep, chicken, tame Raven(Moses) and mare(Mollie).In the Book Animal Farm it showed that after Mr.Jones the owner of the farm went to sleep and so all the animal had a meeting in the barn by the request of old major (a 12-year-old pig/boar). Old Major delivered a speech about the evil that man had done to them. Major said that they need to rebel against the human keepers. After sparking a hopeful speech to the animal Major mention about a strange dream that he had have about a rebellion that will happen that a Earth without humans. He then later mention about a song that he forget at a young age and then remember it was called the “Beast of England” he taught all the animals it and they sang the song. While the was singing the sound was loud enough to wake up Mr.Jones, thinking that the was a fox in the yard he fired his shotgun into the sky and by the sound all the animals was freight and so the went to sleep. Time had past and Old Major had died rather than mourn their lost the animal spend days on to plan a rebellion against Mr.Jones and his worker. While planning it was the pigs jobs to teach animalism. Snowball and Napoleon was put into charge to teach the other animals that wasn’t so intelligent about their new ideology animalism. Snowball and Napoleon are success for conveying all the animals of their new ideology. The rebellion start it when Mr.Jones got to drunk and fall into a sleep and never fed the animals so the animals had enough and so the animals break into the store food building in search for food and when Mr.Jones and his mans went their they wiped the animals so the animals revolted and run the mans out Mrs.Jones secretly escaped at a different direction. After they ran all the human out Snowball change the sign that said Manor farm to Animals farm. After that the wrote down the Seven Commandments of Animalism on the wall of the barn.Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.No animal shall wear clothes.No animal shall sleep in a bed.No animal shall drink alcohol.No animal shall kill any other animal.All animals are equal.    The animals found a problem they need to resolved quick and that was to finished harvesting the field. But the animals could not use the tool that human used to harvest so the pigs Snowball and Napoleon had come up with a way of how to harvest the farm but since they creating the idea the will  just supervised the animals. Boxer will constantly worked the hardest and his motto is “I will work harder” and he did he woked up half a hour earlier and help everyone with the workload and how impressive it was the leader Snowball and Napoleon was creating a retirement plan for the animals. After the figure out the plan the now face another issue and that was Snowball created a ton of communities and they all had failed but Napoleon had a different idea instead he didn’t cared for communities he believe that young was the idea and necessary for the future so what he will do is seized the new puppies and educated them secretly he keep them so private that the other forget their existence. As that was important Napoleon had another goal to spread animalism and a rebellion in other farm so Napoleon send pigeons to spread his message to nearby farm. While there message was spreading their enemy Jones was growing stronger but uniteding with Pilkington and Frederick. Owner with nearby farm fear of the animals uprising so the went to Animal Farm. To take back Mr. Jones farm the went there and had a surprise attack from Snowball tactician and from the animals in 5 minute Jones and his men’s retreat lost a men from Boxer accidently killing one of the men. The animal called this day as ” The Battle of the Cowshed” so every midsummer day they will celebrate it by shooting a gun in the air. Animal Farm, the pigs hope to eventually live in the world depicted in old Major’s dream.     Finally on the next year things those not work so good while the food production increase so those the work production but worker those not got a enough food for the stomach while Napoleon got fatter. Following month brings more work on the windmill and less food for the workers, despite Squealer’s lists of figures that proving that food production has increased dramatically for the better of the Animal farm. The animals is suffering and Napoleon is trading lumber with Frederick secretly and the are rumors that Frederick have been rumored to be a sadistic torturer of animals victim of unfounded gossip.Years pass, and Animal Farm undergoes its last changes,  the animals from the beginning of the story had just died now Muriel, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher are all dead, and Jones dies in an inebriates’ home. Clover is now 14 years old which is two year past the retiring age but has not yet retired. There are more animals on the farm, and the farm’s boundaries have increased by twice the size now because, thanks to the purchase of two of Pilkington’s fields. The second windmill has been finally completed and is used for milling corn. All the animals continue their lives of hard work and little food except, of course, for the pigs.

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