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Animals are a very important part of our society and we should have zoos for several reasons. One reason we should have zoo’s is to help protect abused animals. For example, “Many zoos rescue animals from abuse or other bad treatment. In 2002, U.S. officials took six polar bears from a Mexican circus in Puerto Rico. The bears had not been treated or fed well. They were forced to do tricks in the circus. After being moved to zoos in the U.S., the bears recovered.” This proves that many organizations such as zoos and circuses are not worried about the well-being of the animals. They were probably more worried about the profits they would make from exploiting the animals.Another reason, Zoos are important is because they help species that are on the brink of extinction. According to the Newsela article Should we have zoos?, “The WCS also has programs in nearly 50 countries to protect some of the world’s most at-risk animals.” (6) The Panamanian golden frog is one of those protected at-risk animals. They’ve probably been extinct since 2007 in the wild, and they are in several zoos across the U.S.Some may claim that Some zoos don’t help species that are on the brink of extinction even though they are being abused unless they think it is profitable. However,  Zoo’s that do help endangered species do not want these animal to go extinct. For instance, poachers are killing rhinos for their horns that are then sold on the black market. Although many countries have outlawed the sale of these valuable horns, because they are used for medicinal purposes throughout Asia, the rhinos are still being killed at an alarming rate. Obviously zoo’s want to share these beautiful animals, teach people about their importance to the ecosystem, and help with conservation efforts so these animals will thrive for  many years to come. Historically, zoos primary objective is to use these animals for human entertainment. Although zoo’s spend more than a million dollars to keep these animals in captivity, many argue that the money spent on zoo exhibits is less helpful for overall conservation efforts.In conclusion, our world is losing many different species in the wild. If it weren’t for zoos, many of these animals would be extinct. We should have zoos so they can protect animals that are being abused, near extinction, and teach people about these beautiful creatures.

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