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Animal abuse happens all over the world every day, but Australia tops 2nd of the top 10 countries that are most cruel to animals Animal abuse in Australia happens in homes, farms, circuses, rodeos, and labs. Some of the animals that are abused in Australia include dogs, cats, cows, kangaroos, elephants, birds, pigs, chickens, sheep etc. The minister of agriculture in Victoria, Australia is responsible for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act which the legislation passed in 1986.The purpose of the legislation is: (a) prevent cruelty to animals; and (b) to encourage the considerate treatment of animals; and (c) to improve the level of community awareness about the prevention of cruelty to animals. Animals raised for food, in circuses, rodeos and hunted for sport have been excluded from these laws that protect pets and put into a subcategory called Codes of Practice. One of the main issues is the living conditions that livestock experience. Mother pigs are locked up in a pen hardly bigger than their pregnant bodies and in addition meat chickens are bred to grow so fast that their legs can’t support the weight. Another issue is the inhumane procedures and ways of killing.Piglets can have their tails cut off and egg growers can remove hen beaks so they don’t peck each other to death in the small compartments. Even though the Code of Practice states that animals that are raised for food should be treated humanely, it doesn’t happen. The removal of pig tails, hen beaks and killing of cows etc. are done without any anesthetics simply because its faster and it maximizes profits. The last issue is animals hunted for sport. The kangaroo that is seen around the world as a national symbol for Australia is ironically known as a “pest”.The commercial license to shoot kangaroos and wallabies provided by the government allows people to only hunt specific species of kangaroos and wallabies but that doesn’t stop people from hunting the protected species.Every year at least 5 million kangaroos are killed in Australia for commercial purposes And because of this the kangaroo population has declined significantly -kangaroo fur is sold as clothing and kangaroo meat is sold in stores.

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