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And that makes it a pretty important
thing to have. Most entities such as individuals, corporate, trusts, firms,
organizations, governments and senior citizens are eligible to apply for the

Simple Steps to Fill Application Form For
Aadhar Card

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Application for AADHAR Card is an
absolutely hassle-free procedure. There are options for filling the form online
as well as offline. Without further delay, let us start on the steps to fill
the AADHAR Card application form under Online and offline mode:

Step 1: Gathering The Documents

The AADHAR card application requires
some essential documents such as two photographs, Identity Proof, address proof
and the proof of the date of birth of the applicant. It is really important for
the applicant to gather these important documents before initiating the entire
procedure of filling up the form. The reason behind that is because it is
mandatory that the details in the application form should match exactly to the
details that are cited in the documents.

For that, it is recommended that the
applicant gathers the documents before filling up the form. Most people make
the common mistake of gathering the documents after filling up the form. And
that often leads to the rejection of their forms due to certain mismatch of the

Step 2: Selecting The Proper Portal

There are options for submitting the
application forms with the help of two different online portals. The UIDAI
portal is the one that is managed by the Indian Government.

Once the applicant has selected the
portal, it is time to submit the online application form. In case you are
applying offline, you must request for Aadhar Card application form from Aadhar
service centre or through an authorized agent.

After that, the applicant is supposed
to submit the supporting documents and a certain hard-copy of the application
form in the nearby AADHAR centers. It is to be kept in mind that when an
application is submitted to a particular portal, the documents should be
submitted to that portal’s provider only and not the others.

Step-3 Selecting The Correct Form

The applicant will find 3 different
options for the forms. There are:

Correction In AADHAR Data- For someone who is currently an existing
holder of a AADHAR card and wishes to make an application for certain
corrections in the details of the AADHAR or maybe just to update the particular
details, it is recommended that they fill up the correction form, in order to
do that.

Reprint of AADHAR Card- For someone who is currently an existing
holder of a AADHAR card and wants a new AADHAR card with the same number, then
it is recommended that they fill up this form to do so.

Step 4: Filling Up the Form

After the applicant is done selecting
the correct form, an online application form appears on the screen and you are
supposed to fill in the details and properly submit the application form.

It is essential to read all the
essential instructions and guidelines before the applicant submits the forms.
These forms are capable of providing all the necessary information that you
will need.

Before the Online form submission, a
verification window opens up for the applicant to view and verify the contents.
Under offline mode, the representative will ask you to re-check all your
documents properly before verification process starts. Verification process is
covered within 7 days after form submission.

Step 5: Making The Payment (if applied through

Once the form is submitted, agents
will ask for their service charge and printing charge where they can select a
payment option from various choices available like Net Banking, Credit/Debit
Card. The completed form appears after the payment is successful. The applicant
needs to take out a print of the form for future preferences.

Step 6 – Gathering The Supporting Documents

Fix the photos in the labelled places
of the form print-out. Then the next step would be to make a signature in the
designated three places of the form -two on the left and right photo space and
one on the specified box in the bottom right. Attach all the necessary
documents to the form. It is now a complete set.

Step 7: Status Tracking

The tracking of the application form
status is an absolutely easy task. All you have to do is visit the portal from
which you submitted the form. On the mentioned sites, you will find all the
necessary information. You can call the customer centre number provided to you,
in case you submitted the application form offline. Individuals are directly
communicated by the centre either through email or letter attended to your
given address.

All said and done, now there is only
one thing left to do. And that is to wait for the AADHAR card to arrive. It
mostly takes a total of 15 days at maximum for the physical AADHAR card to
arrive at the communication address. With these simple steps, you can easily
fill up the AADHAR card application form.

card isn’t simply a positive
identification however may be a mandated demand for
each Indian subject. The globe goes digital, and Aadhar
card may be a excellent ideal of linking your
identity to any or all your necessities like
PAN range, bank accounts and plenty of additional.

 And now, the question here is a way
to apply for the Aadhar card? One will apply for Aadhar
card on-line registration as it’s a
hassle-free method wherever a private doesn’t have to
be compelled to wait in an exceedingly queue to
urge their fingerprint sorted.

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