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Ancient sacred Mayan Crossing

 Xcaret is the most interesting theme park in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, but visiting it in the middle of the sacred Mayan Crossing can seem a dream come true.
The Sacred Mayan Voyage is the ritual that the Mayan civilization paddled with its canoes to Cozumel, in order to worship the goddess Ixchel-Mayan Goddess of the moon, of the fertility 
and the Tides.

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The trip does not only serve to enjoy a natural sanctuary, wildlife of the Mayan jungle and live shows but also to see how the brave canoe face their fears.

The inauguration ceremony of the Sacred Mayan 

The voyage consists of a series of ‘ surprises ‘. The Mayan rituals to ignite the fire of creation, the representative dance, the blessing of the Turtles that will be offered and the process of 
honouring and the three stones of the bonfire.

Day 1

In the sanctuary of the island, they offer to the goddess Ixchel presents and petitions. People change in pre-Hispanic clothes and you can interact with characters of time that generates an 
old Mexico.

Day 2

The farewell ceremony of the canoe and messages of the oracle of Ixchel accompanied by petitions and gifts.
The people of the island comfort and nourish them after a long voyage by the sea.

Day 3

In the last day of the crossing the ceremony of dismissed of the canoe ends. It recreates one of the most spectacular prehispanic adventures with an inestimable value for the Mayan civilization.

My advice is that if someday you will have the opportunity to be in this fantastic place and you think of doing something you never did, or just want to experience how it lived before such an old culture, then be part of the sacred Mayan Crossing and live an experience that will be etched in your mind forever!

Cancun is not a place where you can get bored easily.Has so many things to do, depends on us how we want to add value to our experience.It is an introspective journey for those who love nature, the mystery of a vanished world and who want to discover themselves in this amazing place.

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