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An apple a day keeps the doc away! Everyone might be familiar with this
particular quote. Same way, exercise is important for people in order for them
to stay fit and healthy. Winter has arrived and so with it the wedding season.
Who wouldn’t want to look smart enough and impress the chicks out there! 😀

Here are four basic and easy to do exercises which might help you build
your game.

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One arm dumbbell
preacher curl

This particular exercise is to be performed while being seated. This not
only helps in hitting the biceps hard but is also considered one of the easiest
exercises for beginners.

All you need for this type of workout is a comfortable weighted dumbbell
and a bench or a seat on which to sit. The steps for it are quite

Sit down; your elbows should be rested
on the pads while the arm should be extended

Curl the dumbbell upwards towards the
direction of the chest

Take a pause

Lower the dumbbell to its starting

Repeat the process


Another easy and
excellent exercise to strengthen the upper portion of the body is the Chin-up
exercise. It affects a person’s triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders and the abs.

A simple 5 step method
for carrying out the exercise is as follows

Stand straight right under a bar. Hold it, in a way that your
palms face you and your arms should be shoulder-width apart.

The knees should be kept soft with your legs in a cross position;
once done, hang from the bar

Rise yourself to the position that your chin is on level with
the bar

Come back gently to your original position and place your feet
on the floor

Repeat the procedure.

Barbell bicep curl

This is a form of exercise which is recommended to people who want to
build up their biceps. This can be a bit tricky though as your positioning is
of huge significance in it. If not done correctly, it wont have any sort of effect
on your biceps. You would be kidding yourself only!

In order to perform it, you’ll need a comfortable, weighted barbell

Bend down and hold your bar

Stand up straight; it is important that your feet should be
shoulder-width apart and your palms should be facing the ceiling.

With your arms bent, bring up the bar so that it is level with
your belly button.

Raise the bar towards your chest

Keep it in that position for a few seconds

Lower it down to your belly button and repeat the procedure.

Dumbbell Bench Press

This exercise not only
tones up your upper body but also helps to build and strengthen it. It mostly
works upon your chest muscles, shoulders and biceps. In order to perform this
exercise, the procedure is as follows

Set a bench used for exercise at a fully flat position

Sit right at the end of the bench and keep the dumbbells on the

Pick them up and rest them on your laps. It is important that
your knees are bent at 90 degrees

Lie back on the bench and make sure that the dumbbells are close
to your chest. Keep your core engaged and try to push down your lower back
against the bench.

Your arms should be extended above your body with the weights
being held steady.

Flex your elbows, and then slowly lower your arms and dumbbells
till they are level with your chest.

Stay still in that position for a while and then push the
weights to  the starting position

Repeat the process.

So what are you
waiting for people! Start building your upper body and if you don’t have the
accessories at your disposal, go to the nearest gym and register yourself. This
is the perfect opportunity for you to take some time out of your hectic routine
and focus on something which is of huge significance!

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