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     Among the factors that led to colonization of North America, Trade and
Christianity stood out. At that period, people were concerned about their
religion and how to be successful in the economy. This is evident at Jamestown,
Massachusetts and Quebec where John Rolfe, John Winthrop and Samuel de
Champlain moved and made changes. The main trading commodities in this period
was fur and tobacco in exchange of other stuffs.

In the article, Fur Trade- Indian Country Wisconsin, Samuel de Champlain
changed everything by establishing the first city Quebec in Canada as a trading
post (4).  Champlain became allies with
the natives and together they fought the Iroquois who were trying to take
control of the fur trade. “The river was lined with Frenchmen anxiously
watching the coming of the savages, all impatient and eager to secure as large
a share as possible of the uncertain and meager booty for which they had
crossed the Atlantic” (Samuel de Champlain). This shows that Champlain had the
same interest as other people which is acquiring fur, but he ended up being the
governor of Quebec and successful in his fur trade.

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Trade was vast in the 17th Century as we see John Rolfe
moving to Virginia. “Had we but carpenters to build and make Carts and Ploughs,
and skillful men that know how to use them, and train up our cattle to draw them”
(Letters on Jamestown Settlement). He found the people in Virginia trying to
make profits in the Virginia Colony but all in vain as they were not skilled
enough. Rolfe introduced a seed and the people planted it and it became
successful (Jamestown Residency). Due to this act, he expanded the colony to
grow more Tobacco and Virginia became his knew home and well known for its Tobacco

Religion came in afterwards and we see John Winthrop leaving England heading
to Massachusetts where later he became the governor as he was dissatisfied with
the church of England (Jamie L. Brummitt).  In his letter, “… is to follow the counsel of
Micah, to do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with our God” (A model of
Christian Charity), he advocated as people being the city upon a hill. His act
of leading the Puritans made him termed as religious due to him wanting an
independent society with God in control.

Comparing the three colonialists who all came from various places, we
can conclude and say that they all had one goal which was to make a change and acquire
wealth wherever they went to. They all accomplished their missions and became
leaders in which they are remembered up to todays’ world. Fur, tobacco and religion
was all from the colonialists.





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