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Alternative energy sources such as biofuels, hydrogen, solar, geothermal, or nuclear energy can meet energy demands better than fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Eventually we will run out of fossil fuels, there’s only so much of it and when it runs out we need to be be prepared for it. Alternative energy is the next step in creating a better future for the world. The United States electricity grid is what keeps the US in an operating manner, with electricity everything would fall apart, 1 in every 4 people throughout the world have a cell phone. Fossil fuels are concentrated deposits of carbon stored underground or beneath the ocean. They are composed of the fossilised remains of plants and animals, which have decayed over time, slowly being converted to fuel which can be extracted from the ground years later. This stored energy in the form of coal, oil and natural gas can be used as fuel when it is burned. Although we get it from the earth it is going to run out and when it does we won’t have access to any power besides the nonrenewable sources. Alternative energy refers to energy sources which are not based on the burning of fossil fuels or nonrenewable sources. It is difficult and expensive to turn the US into an all nonrenewable power system, but it won’t take long before our initial investments and companies begin to pay for the production. Every country wants to be independent and not dependent on anyone else, but while we continue to receive fossil fuels from different countries across the world we can not be independent because we are dependent on the other countries to let us buy the fuels. The key to energy independence is to be able to create, capture and store energy from a wide variety of sources. The economic opportunities arise when a variety of solutions are developed that support different environments. Once commercialized, the solutions can be sold around the globe for the same national and environmental security reasons. Also threats to energy security are rising, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks, to inefficient infrastructure and reliance on fuel sources that add to environmental degradation. With a more stable power source we should be able to limit the degradation and limitation to the world and its inhabitants. Renewable energy is thought of and created in labs and different universities, and then brought to commercial businesses by developers. In the end, renewable energy is manufactured energy. A national energy policy that provides energy security and stabilizes climate change will create a huge demand for renewable energy projects, which can, with the right set of policies. With a huge demand for the renewable energy sources there will come a lot of jobs and with that it creates growth in the United States. There has to be more growth in the US to keep everyone sound and on the right path. Without new coming jobs there would be a poverty level higher than we’ve already seen. Clean Alternative Energy can effectively replace fossil fuels. This however is only if the battery systems by Tesla and other companies are implemented. Large scale power plants use massive turbines to regulate the amount of power in the system. This means if the plant goes offline, there will still be power from the massive turbines. This is how they regulate power. With alternative energy there are no turbines. This means that in order to smooth the flow of energy one would have to use a water differential system or large batteries.

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