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In addition to the
huge amount of hearty congratulations one receives on husband’s selection for staff
course, there are a number of advices and cautions, especially from families
who have recently done it. One important advice is always received regarding
the activities of AlNisa club.

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AlNisa club surely is
the largest platform not only in armed forces but also among other social
circles that is run and owned by no permanent members but a transient workforce
of about 500 ladies who plan, participate and enjoy the innumerable activities
with such an organization that is comparable to the professional event

Various committees of
AlNisa are a brilliant source of not only keeping social and committed but to
redefine and enhance one’s hidden talents and skills.

Welfare Committee

It reminds our ladies
to take out time for the welfare of our troops and civilians

 beside the heavy commitments of their own


Bring out the
managing and planning abilities of ladies and under the platform of AlNisa our
ladies have shown such brilliant jobs as arranging functions on short notices
with so much perfection that isn’t less to any extent than the qualified
professional man-agers and planners.


The informative and
pertinent lectures by Begum Commandant and healthy tips  and recipes by the members of cook book are
the treasures we will take from here and cherish throughout our lives.


AlNisa shares the
burden of looking after families when it isn’t possible for the
officers to find time for them by indulging them into different kind of
activities like Mehfil e Melad, talent, cultural and bridal shows etc.
throughout the year.

Language/Painting Committee

To bring out and
further polish our ladies ‘talent and skills in all aspects of art
and technology, these committees provide the wide range of every one’s interest.


            Book committee is playing very
constructive role in developing and encouraging the habits of reading and
writing among our kids when we all know how screen addict they have become.
Similarly publishing committee sums up the memories of whole year in the form
of AlNisa magazine.

Sports/Gym Committee

Motivate the ladies
to take out time for their physical fitness especially through the yoga

In short, the
uniqueness of AlNisa club in grooming ladies is such that no parallel can be
drawn to any other institution.

Dr Shahzadi Zainab

W/O Maj Tauseef


Syn 26

C div


1.    Al Nisa Contributes L/no 325 (Very
concisely describes the role of different Al Nisa Committees in grooming of
student wives) SELECTED


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