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Alex Duell 1/6/18Should Celebrities become the voice of human causes? More recently, celebrities have had a big effect on politics, economics, and issues in our society. They can also become role models for children & teens. These people tend to have a larger voice and have enough power to initiate a political or economic movement. A more recent example of this is with the Harvey Weinstein accusations, one celebrity comes out and many follow, along with a nationwide movement. Celebrities are a great way to attract attention to any cause/event. Through social media, shows, tv and other outlets, they can raise awareness quickly. Fans of the celebrities want to know what’s going on in their personal lives, the fans are likely to relate and support the celebrity. The celebrities use “their star power to gain access to policy, making circles to affect social and political change” (text 3, line 23-24).The problem can arise in a situation where celebrities can hinder votes, or involvment in an organization. They can be “highly problematic figures who dilute debates, offer misguided policy proposals and lack credibility and accountability” (text 3, lines 34-35). Accusations like these are about perspective and opinion, not factual information. Large organizations (including government organizations) do their research on their spokesmen or women, organizations typically care about their reputation and choose their representatives carefully. Lance Armstrong for example was accused of using drugs to enhance his sports ability, he was heavily affiliated with the organization “Livestrong”, a non-profit organization for cancer patients and their families. After allegations were confirmed, not many people lost respect for the organization, just the representative. Some celebrities shaping this new position to advocate for humanitarianism are Bono and Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Natalie Portman by “becoming central players on deep political issues like development aid, refugees and government sponsored violence in Darfur” (text 1, lines 15-19). These celebrities also demonstrate a “serious preparation” and “in-depth understanding, consulting with professionals” (text 3, lines 43-44). If celebrities can set a good example for others and create a new standard. The internet is a great way for these celebrities to project their feelings on things and raise awareness. “Celebrities, and famous people in tur, help to bring people, including adults, together in conversation and social interaction” (text 2, line 36-37). These conversations are started sometimes by the celebrities, about causes or organizations. Through the internet, the words of these people are projected to millions and millions of people, creating instant awareness for anything. This concept is very powerful and something that was nearly impossible 30 years ago. In conclusion, Celebrities are great humanitarians, and through many outlets, they can raise awareness quickly and efficiently. Though sometimes negative attention can occur or mishaps, they are qualified to fall into a role of an “advocate”, “goodwill ambassadors”, and humanitarians.

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