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After seeing the movie thorough, I ultimately reach the summary of the main point that it is impossible for human to have only wonderful life. Everyone has to face with problems more or less. In case of Kevin and Casey, they are both the main characters who frequently faced with difficult problems since they were young. This leads them to changing his or her self so as to escape from such difficulties. In terms of Kevin, as his mother often abused him during childhood, he has coped with the metal problem by trying to have various personalities. With the assistance from his trusted psychologist, he perceives that if his mind has enough strong trust in his self, the new personality can change both physically and chemically in his body. Consequently, this strengthens his belief to create the twenty-fourth personality or the Beast. As the Beast is superhuman, Dennis who is one of Kevin’s personalities kidnaps the three teenage girls to immolate for the Beast. Therefore, this implies that Kevin escapes from being the victims of abuse by transforming his self to be the hunter. In contrast, even though Casey tries to flee from difficulties like Kevin. She doesn’t change herself to be the hunter. She still has the same status as being the victims of her uncle who raped her during childhood and kidnapping during teenager. However, towards the end, she ultimately turns herself to be the hunter by shooting to the Beast. Even though she can’t conquer the Beast physically, she can mentally make the Beast to spare her. The Beast notices to the scars on her body and believes that the one who was suffered can have the superhuman development like him. This point can obviously reflect to the human life that we easily believe and understand in the people who are used to face with the same problem like us. Apart from Kevin and Casey, the movie also shows another side of the character which hardly faces with any problems but eventually has to encounter with trouble. As Claire and Marcia initially live the peaceful and beautiful life, when they are abducted by Dennis, I can notice that both of them have less skill to solve the problem comparing to the skill of Casey who is more calm and can find more efficient way to deal with sexual abuse. Finally, though the characters have different background in the beginning like some people face with many problems but some people are full of happiness, they have the same ending which all of them have to face with difficulties in their lives. The one who faces with the similar problem like in the past again is the one who can efficiently find the way to survive from that problem.  

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