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completion of my bachelor degree I joined in Siemens Bangladesh Ltd as Trainee
Engineer. After more than one and quarter years ofmy service I came to
understand that corporate caused a lot of mental stress and could not be the
perfect profession for me. From my very childhood I have found myself enough
comfortable in teaching. This observation helped me out to find new profession.
I switched over my job and joined as Lecturer in the Department of Electrical
and Electronic Engineering in International Islamic University Chittagong
(IIUC), Bangladesh.

I taught electronic and communication coursesand
supervised the project of final year’s students of around ten groups. Each
group contained of two students. Most of the projects were relevant to
electronic circuits and based on the fundamental of communication engineering
such as security system for precious things, automated irrigation system,
industrial automation, home appliances control system etc. We got a publication
titled “Automated Irrigation System Using Solar Power” which would be the
proceedings of IEEE 7th International Conference on Electrical and
Computer Engineering, 2012. In this project we used DTMF technology. Another
paper titled “Design of an Efficient Web Based Home Appliances Control System”
has been submitted to IEEE Transaction on Consumer Electronics.

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I was introduced to the Communication Engineering in undergrad, I found my way
and decided to dedicate myself to this field of study. I have been attracted to
Communication engineering firstly, because the field is very new to my country
and there is a serious lacking of experts here but this is the most growing
industry in Bangladesh, by which I am really motivated; secondly, I can provide
better guidelines to my students if I take higher studies in this field;
thirdly, it is a field of study that really depends on computers and its
updated knowledge; in addition to this, it is a field of study which is being
popular rapidly. Last but not least, Chalmers has a multicultural educational
and research environment that I think it would be very enjoyable for me and
will open the opportunity to make friends of different cultures.


my achievements is a strong desire to learn. I have been trying to enhance my
knowledge over these years on communication engineering. I am deeply convinced
that the master degree course that Communication Engineering program offers is
the best way of concretizing my future because of its international
orientation; well-structured course plan and strong industry link up. A
completion of this Master Degree in Chalmers University of Technology will be
an excellent springboard for my future career and will provide me the knowledge
and confidence to make my dreams true. Furthermore, the courses this program
combines match perfectly my professional projects and academic expectations. My
future plan is to go further studies doing PhD on Electric Power Engineering
exhaustively and working with professional group in high technology companies
to assess and improve processes beside this I can share my real experiences and
applied knowledge with the students.

I would like to thank you
in advance for considering my application.

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