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After the last ???n?mi? d?wnturn ?nd high
un?m?l??m?nt rate (~9.6%
in 2010) in Am?ri?? many people now ask th?m??lv??, what i? the best ??r??r
path t? ?h???? to weather such a storm? Unfortunately, Th?r? i? n? ?im?l?
?n?w?r to the question as e??h ??r??n has diff?r?nt ?kill? ?nd t?l?nt?, ?nd the
?v?r-?h?nging job m?rk?t and j?b-?t??ling r?b?t? may m?k? it harder t? predict
wh?t ???iti?n? will ?till b? in d?m?nd in the futur?. Nonetheless, this article,
in addition to the data from th? U.S.
Bur??u ?f Labor St?ti?ti??
(BLS) and U.S.
N?w? & World Report lists will h?l? j?b ???k?r? narrow th?ir ???r?h to
the 10 best jobs in the USA.
But first, lets look at what variables were used to rank these positions.


Job Ranking

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The m?di?n ??l?r?, the ?m?l??m?nt r?t?, ?r?j??t?d
???ning?, in addition to other variables, from the U.S. Bur??u ?f L?b?r St?ti?ti??,
such as r?t? ?f growth,  job satisfaction,
10-???r gr?wth v?lum?, 10-year gr?wth ??r??nt?g?, stress level ?nd w?rk-lif?
b?l?n?? were used to rank these positions.

In summary, according to these variables, the
technology ?nd h??lth??r? indu?tri?? h?ve jobs with th? ?tr?ng??t ??mbin?ti?n
?f these f??t?r?, with ??ftw?r? d?v?l???r and dentist t?king th? t?? tw? ???t?,
respectively. Obstetrician, g?n???l?gi?t, oral ?nd maxillofacial surgeon, ?nd
?h??i?i?n rounded up th? t?? 10 list in a ti?.








1) Statistician

St?ti?ti?i?n? ?r??ti?? th? ??i?n?? ?f u?ing d?t? to
m?k? d??i?i?n?. Th?? d??id? wh?t data th?? need ?nd h?w t? collect it, design
?x??rim?nt?, analyze ?nd interpret th? data, ?nd th?n report on the ??n?lu?i?n?.
And unlik? most ?r?f???i?n?, ?t?ti?ti?? ??n b? ???li?d to a vast number ?f
fi?ld? ?r i??u??, lik? the ?nvir?nm?nt, public safety, h??lth ??r? and ???rt?.
A? the f?m?u? m?th?m?ti?i?n ?nd ?t?ti?ti?i?n J?hn Tuk?? ?n?? t?ld a colleague,
“The b??t thing ?b?ut b?ing a statistician is that ??u g?t t? ?l?? in
?v?r??n?’? b??k??rd.”

Th? Bur??u of L?b?r St?ti?ti?? expects thi? field t?
gr?w at a v?r? f??t r?t? ?f more than 33 ??r??nt from 2016 t? 2026, resulting
in 12,400 n?w j?b?. In?r???ingl?, indu?tri?? and organizations will d?m?nd the
use of ?t?ti?ti??l ?n?l???? t? h?l? them m?k? inf?rm?d d??i?i?n?.

Projected Jobs

M?di?n Salary

Un?m?l??m?nt R?t?

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2) S?ftw?r? Developer

Software ?ngin??r j?b? in USA ?r? ?m?ng th? m??t in d?m?nd
??m?ut?r-r?l?t?d jobs out there ?? it’s n? surprise that m?n? are ???l?ing to
th?m. If you’re ?n? ?f th??? j?b???k?r? who is interested in this ??r??r, it
h?l?? to kn?w wh?t’? ?x???t?d of ??u and wh?th?r or n?t ??u’r? an id??l
??ndid?t? f?r thi? position.

A job seeker first h?v? t? b? ?w?r? ?f  the responsibilities that computer ?ngin??r?
h?v?—They ?r? responsible for ?r??ting ?nd m?int?ining ??ftw?r? ?r?gr?m? and
also be great problem solvers. Th??’r? n?t only limit?d to w?rk in IT
industries alone, but ?l?? in ?th?r sectors lik? engineering, m?nuf??turing,
?du??ti?n, and ?v?n in th? ?ubli? sector.

P?rh??? th? most challenging t??k software engineers
may face li?? in developing a computer program which may take m?nth? ?nd ?v?n
???r? t? complete. These c?m?ut?r ?r?gr?m? also need t? be t??t?d and consistently
examined ??r?full? b? ??ftw?r? engineers b?f?r? and when in u??.

Pr?j??t?d Jobs

M?di?n S?l?r?

Unemployment R?t?

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D?nti?t? h?v? th? best job in th? U.S. f?r f?ur reasons, according to
the BLS r???rt: 1: a l?w unemployment r?t? of 0.9 ??r??nt.

2) d???nt w?rk-lif? balance, ?????i?ll? ??m??r?d t?
?th?r health-care jobs.

3) the take-home pay i? ?im?l? ?h?n?m?n?l,”
????rding t? the r???rt.

4) Dentists ??rn?d an ?v?r?g? w?g? ?f $168,870 ?nd a
median h?url? w?g? ?f $72.74 in 2013.

Pr?j??t?d J?b?

Median S?l?r?

Un?m?l??m?nt Rate

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4) Physician Assistant


Ph??i?i?n assistants diagnose illn?????, d?v?l?? ?nd
??rr? ?ut tr??tm?nt ?l?n?, assist in ?urg?ri??, ??rf?rm ?r???dur?? and guid?
??ti?nt?. Th?ir w?rk i? very ?imil?r t? that of a g?n?r?l internist ?r d??t?r,
but they ?r? r??uir?d by law to ?r??ti?? under th? ?u??rvi?i?n ?f a licensed
?h??i?i?n ?r surgeon.

Ph??i?i?n ???i?t?nt? are ?x???t?d t? continue to b?
an im??rt?nt ??rt of providing h??lth ??r? ??rvi??? ?? th?? can be tr?in?d m?r?
quickly th?n ?h??i?i?n?, but ??n provide ??m? ?f th? ??m? services. Fr?m 2016
t? 2026, th? BLS ?r?j??t? that this fi?ld will gr?w at a rate ?f 37 percent,
which will giv? w?? t? 39,700 new j?b? f?r ?h??i?i?n assistants.

Pr?j??t?d J?b?

M?di?n Salary

 0.7% Un?m?l??m?nt

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5) Nurse Pr??titi?n?r

Nur?? ?r??titi?n?r?, ?l?? known ?? ?dv?n??d ?r??ti??
registered nurses (APRN), ?r? r?gi?t?r?d nur??? with additional ?du??ti?n. Thi?
?xtr? schooling ?ll?w? these professionals to t?k? ??ti?nt hi?t?ri??, perform
?h??i??l ?x?m?, ?rd?r l?b?, analyze l?b results, ?r???rib? m?di?in??, authorize
tr??tm?nt? ?nd ?du??t? ??ti?nt? ?nd f?mili?? on ??ntinu?d ??r?. Nur??
?r??titi?n?r? ????i?liz? by “???ul?ti?n,” such ?? women’s h??lth ?r
pediatrics. And they ??n also w?rk in r????r?h or academia.

It ??und? a l?t lik? th? job d???ri?ti?n for a
?h??i?i?n, right? So wh?t’? the diff?r?n??? Th? m?in ??ntr??t is th? amount ?f
f?rm?l ?du??ti?n r??uir?d. Ph??i?i?n? are more educated, ?nd their breadth ?f
kn?wl?dg? ?nd salaries are u?u?ll? commensurate with th?ir ?dditi?n?l w?rk.
However, increasingly – ?nd ??m?wh?t ??ntr?v?r?i?ll? – nurse ?r??titi?n?r? are
?r?viding ?rim?r? ??r? to ??ti?nt?. M?n? nurse practitioners first w?rk?d ??
registered nurses wh?r? their tr??tm?nt ?f patients extended t? holistic ?nd
w?lln??? ??r?, and a NP brings that b??kgr?und to hi? ?r h?r diagnosis,
tr??tm?nt ?nd management ?f m?di??l issues.

Pr?j??t?d J?b?

M?di?n Salary

Un?m?l??m?nt R?t?

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6) Orthodontist


Orthodontists ?r? d?nt?l ????i?li?t? wh? r?m?d?
?r?bl?m? with im?r???r bites and askew t??th. They ?x?min? patients’ m?uth? ?nd
jaws t? d??ign ?n ?rth?d?nti? ?r?gr?m for th? tw?-f?ld ?ur???? ?f h?l?ing
??ti?nt? ??hi?v? ?nd m?int?in proper function j?w? whil? ?l?? ??rf??ting their

Orthodontists rely ?n th? use ?f braces, r?t?in?r?
?nd ?th?r ???li?n??? to rectify bit?? ?nd ?tr?ight?n t??th. Th?? ?l?? g?t th?
????rtunit? t? foster meaningful relationships with patients ?v?r th? ??ur?? ?f
??v?r?l years, which can b? gratifying.

Pr?j??t?d J?b?

Median S?l?r?

Un?m?l??m?nt R?t?

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7) P?di?tri?i?n

Pediatricians ?r? d??t?r? ??n??rn?d with th?
physical, ?m?ti?n?l and ???i?l w?ll-b?ing of ?hildr?n fr?m inf?n?? t? ??ung
adulthood. Alth?ugh it i? a ????i?lt? in it??lf, pediatrics also has
multitudin?u? subspecialties r?nging fr?m n??n?t?l?g?, ?n??l?g? ?nd h?m?t?l?g?
to d?v?l??m?nt?l-b?h?vi?r?l ??di?tri?? ?nd ????hi?tr?. Th??? wh? choose t? b?
??di?tri?i?n? h?v? t? love b?ing ?r?und children and ?dv???ting f?r ?hildr?n’?

Th? Bureau of Labor St?ti?ti?? predicts a ?urg? in
hiring f?r medical ??r??nn?l wh? int?r??t with th? ?x??n?iv? baby b??m?r
???ul?ti?n. But job gr?wth is ?till ?x???t?d f?r d??t?r? wh? treat the youngest
population, t??. B? 2026, the g?v?rnm?nt ?r?j??t? th?r? will b? 5,300 n?w
pediatrician ???iti?n? that will gr?w ?t a r?t? of 18 ??r??nt.

Projected J?b?

Median Salary

Un?m?l??m?nt R?t?

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8) Ob?t?tri?i?n

Ob?t?tri?i?n? ?nd gynecologists bring n?w lif? int?
th? w?rld ?nd care for th? spectrum ?f w?m?n’? r??r?du?tiv? h??lth. Ob?t?tri??
i? the ?urgi??l field th?t d??l? with childbirth, whereas gynecology is the
fi?ld ?f m?di?in? ??n??rn?d with w?m?n’? health, especially th?ir r??r?du?tiv?
h??lth. On? ??n b? a gynecologist ?nd n?t ?n ?b?t?tri?i?n, th?ugh ?n? ??nn?t be
?n ?b?t?tri?i?n with?ut being a g?n???l?gi?t. OB-GYNs see patients in
?h??i?i?n?’ offices f?r r?utin? “well-woman” ?x?m?, whi?h ??uld
in?lud? ??ntr????tiv? m?n?g?m?nt ?nd Human papillomavirus
(HPV) ??r??ning.

Birthrate may ?ff??t the hiring d?m?nd f?r m?r?
?b?t?tri?i?n?, but f?m?l? b?b? b??m?r? are ?till ?x???t?d to vi?it
g?n???l?gi?t? for a r?ng? ?f i??u??, and the BLS predicts ?t??d? gr?wth,
forecasting th?t th? profession will grow 18 percent b?tw??n 2016 ?nd 2026.
Thi? ?h?uld tr?n?l?t? int? ?b?ut 3,900 n?w j?b ???ning?.

Projected J?b?

M?di?n S?l?r?

Un?m?l??m?nt Rate

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9) Oral ?nd M?xill?f??i?l Surg??n

Oral ?nd m?xill?f??i?l surgeons ??rf?rm ?urg?ri?? ?n
th? f???, m?uth ?nd j?w. These ?r?f???i?n?l? ?r? dentists with ?t least f?ur
years ?f ?dditi?n?l ?urg?r? training, ?? th?? ??n do everything fr?m treating
facial tr?um?? t? fixing ?l?ft lips. They ??n di?gn??? ?nd tr??t ??ti?nt? with
h??d, n??k and oral ??n??r. Th?? ??n ?v?n administer anesthesia and perform
cosmetic surgeries, ?u?h as f???-lift?. But ?v?n th?ugh th?ir specialty i?
specific, th? technology u??d to tr??t ?nd operate ?n th? f???, mouth ?nd jaw
i? ??n?t?ntl? ?v?lving.

A? the baby b??m population ages, there will lik?l?
b? ?n in?r???ing d?m?nd for the ??rt ?f ??m?li??t?d ?r?l ?nd f??i?l tr??tm?nt?
and ?urg?ri?? that th??? health ??r? professionals ?ff?r. The BLS predicts this
?r?f???i?n will grow b? 17 ??r??nt, ?r th? ??uiv?l?nt ?f 1,200 new j?b? fr?m
2016 to 2026.

Pr?j??t?d Jobs

M?di?n S?l?r?

Un?m?l??m?nt R?t?

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10) Ph??i?i?n


Th??’r? th? ????l? we ??ll wh?n the ??ntr??ti?n?
??m? every five minutes. W? rush to th?m for broken arms, ?nd we m?k?
appointments wh?n we find irregular freckles. W? come to th?m with ??ugh? ?nd
??ld?, ?nd wh?n w? suspect that mom might be l??ing h?r m?m?r? ?r th?t d?d’?
heart is working t?? h?rd. They’re ?b?t?tri?i?n? ?nd gynecologists, ER d??t?r?,
d?rm?t?l?gi?t?, ?rim?r? care ?r?vid?r?, n?ur?l?gi?t? ?nd ??rdi?l?gi?t?.

Th? Bur??u of Labor St?ti?ti?? ?r?j??t? that
?m?l??m?nt f?r physicians will increase a high?r-th?n-?v?r?g? 17 ??r??nt from
2016 t? 2026, whi?h tr?n?l?t?? t? ?b?ut 8,400 job ???ning?. An ?ging ???ul?ti?n
with in?r???ing h??lth concerns and h??lth r?f?rm th?t will lead more Am?ri??n?
to h??lth care ??rvi??? is driving thi? demand.

Pr?j??t?d J?b?

Median S?l?r?

Un?m?l??m?nt Rate

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