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African wild dog, also known as Lycaon Pictus. These dogs can be found
in deserts, forests, grasslands in South Africa and the southern part of East
Africa. IUNC Red List of Endangered species, the African wild dogs are
classified as an endangered Species
(IUCN, 2015.2), with an estimate of 6,000-7,000 individuals left (Creel & Creel, 2015).
African wild dogs weigh approximately 40-70 pounds and are approximately 30
inches in height. The genus Lycaon split
from canines like that of a domesticated dog, or from it’s African brethren of
black-backed jackal, Cape fox, bat-eared fox, came three million years ago
and Lycaon pictus is the only survivor today having no other
living relatives (Girman,
D, 1996).  African wild dog runs in packs
rather than just by them selves and they live in dens. Their packs consist of a
leading breeding pair, their children, non-breeding adults who are siblings of
the leading pair or some time. Both
males and females unite in the protection of young members of the pack, and
in hunting and providing food
for them. African dogs hunt various animals such as gazelles and other
antelopes, warthogs, wildebeest calves, rats, and birds (Girman, D, 1996). Once the hunting members of the family returns, they regurgitate meat
for the young ones and the nursing females. Even though they have substantial
number of litters, only few of then survive due to the overflooded dens, exposure
or disease (Girman, D, 1996).

5000,000 dogs used to range across 39 different
countries. Due to the poaching, road killing, and mining and logging that
destroyed habitat, there are an estimate of 6,000-7,000 individuals thought to
remain. Habitat fragmentation is one
of the major treats to African wild dogs (Woodroffe 2012).  Due to the increase in their contact with
people, conflict with livestock and other domestic animals, it results in
human-wildlife struggle, accidental killing by people in snares and road
accidents, and transmission of infectious disease. These causes are associated
with human violation on African Wild Dog habitat.

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