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affect on one’s life. Instead, Darryl took all the blame, pain, and sorrow that he caused on himself and onto others like a courageous person he is. Taking full responsibility for one’s actions is very mature even though a lot of his actions, in my opinion, were cause because of his father neglecting him and not wanting to be apart of his life. I cannot fathom how awful his life with his father was, getting beaten which eventually getting abused, hearing his own mom get abused and yelled at, and worst of all hearing “I’m going to kill y’all” coming from his own father. No child should have to live in that type of environment where they are constantly scared of their dad and being threatened. Darryl’s grandpa, Darryl’s dads dad, was just as brutal as Darryl’s father was, and of course an alcoholic. From his childhood experience, Darryl’s father acted the same way his father did, being physically abusive and a raging alcoholic. 
His father was a big reason as to why he wrote this book. He wants young, and he states especially black males who grew up or are growing up without a father figure to not make the same mistakes he did. He wants to let this generation know that you do not have to hit rock bottom, go through the humiliation he had to experience, and the pain to find yourself. He is trying to be that role model for those young men out there that may be experiencing similar situations that Strawberry went through. Encouraging them to find themselves but not the way he did it and to stay away from drugs and alcohol.
Darryl Strawberry was arrested and taken to jail for charges of reckless driving, leaving the scene, and property damage. Thankfully there were no injuries, but Strawberry did hit a street sign and a car while weaving around traffic. After he was released, he rejoined the Yankees but was suspended most of the season due to his previous on drug charges and solicitation sex from an undercover officer in 1999. He was then sentenced to probation and was tested positive for cocaine. While staying at Ocala treatment center instead of being sent to prison, he broke many rules such as trading baseballs for cigarettes, having sex with another treatment center resident, and smoking. Darryl violated his probations and was put under house arrest. He came clean and was honest with his probation officer telling them that after he left the treatment center, he smoked crack cocaine and was taking antidepressant pills. He was tested randomly twice a week due to his past drug violations. All of the recurrences of drugs violations and treatment centers was happening around the same time he was diagnosed with colon cancer which required a lot of chemotherapy treatments. After breaking the rules at the treatment center and all the violations he accumulated, the judge kept on persisting treatment for Strawberry rather than prison but others disagreed due to the fact that he violated probation for the sixth time. Darryl took full responsibility for his actions and all he wanted to do was serve his time and put this in the past. 
Using cocaine and heavily drinking occurred early in his career, but part of the reason why he started doing that was due to his complicated marriage with his first wife Lisa, which obviously did not end well. They did have two children together but Lisa did end up filling for legal separation claiming that Strawberry broke her nose 1987. They continued to remain together until 1989 when she filed for divorce. In 1990 he was arrested for hitting his wife and having a deadly weapon on sight during an argument; in 1993 their divorce and separation was finally official. Later on that year, he was arrested again for domestic abuse against his girlfriend at the time, Charisse. Charisse Simmons dropped the charges against Strawberry and ended up getting married having three children. 

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