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Advertisement- is promotion of products and services to increase sales
or capture new clients. Any firms and industries giving service or good wants
to increase earning by this using different dimension of marketing tactics to
capture more customers. From past till now these strategies changed by
influence of technology evaluation, as technology improving day by day this has
affected advertisement ways and instruments. For instance, from past to nowadays
distribution channels of a advertisement is changed first of all flyers and
posters distributed by hand and shared. After billboards in the roads and
buildings putted-on. Going ahead radio translation began with this firms was
using this channel in more wide range, an television broadcasting gave more
informative and getting attention with giving some value on goods as every of
us remember one or more television advertisement that in our minds, finally
internet come to the scene and it is changed way that is been enterprise. The internet
advertisements core advantage is quick promotion of product or service
information without geographical boundaries. That gives huge amount of
potential clients moreover less expenses, because every marketing actions and
tools that mentioned before has got expenses on it proceeding.

  Online advertising-  promoting tactic that implied in internet, by
placing commercials in web pages to get specific groups or sample of clients.  For example, every of us mentioned that when
we search in browsers any service or product we will see related advertisement during
surfing time in the internet. All this taken from use of the Big data that can reachable
for corporations or big firms. Because of this I choose this subject to my study
as it is interesting subject to see how it is working and etc. others. Another plus
points of online marketing is clients is always up-to-date informed about
merchandise and service line as it has been updated  from emails, ads, web pages of firms and others
ways. In the part of firms they are always evolving products from feedbacks of
customers and by this businesses informed about what is mainstream now to put
it in new merchandise or service ways.  

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  The aims of research is followings:

of project is to determine consumer preference in the internet advertisement,
and reasons behind it.

another case firms and businesses usage of online advertisement.

By considering above both side of coin will be
observed, as will be gathered individuals preference

 and usage of
internet advertisement from firms.

 During the
survey below research questions will be gathered.

are the main distribution channels of online advertising?

businesses target audience thought online advertisement?

does internet advertising effect on consumer preferences?

More detail about research questions is shown in the methodology
part as it needs to examine which kind of method will be applied to each

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