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Advantages and disadvantages of scaffolding

Scaffolding can be defined as a given support by an expert to a learner. To
have a clear view on what it is you can take as an example cats which show
their kittens how to get down from higher places again and again until they
will learn it or howlers which make a great noise in order to frighten other
wild animals when their kids fall down from a tree. So they help their children
only in difficult situations observing actions passively in other cases.
Therefore scaffolding became a widely used method in teaching but as many
things in the world it has advantages and disadvantages. However, I believe it
has more benefits than drawbacks.

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The main advantages of scaffolding is that engages that learners to learn
actively. Learners behave as discoverers. The teacher provides a new topic on
the basis of learners` prior knowledge and motivates to find out answers,
solutions, advantages and disadvantages of any case. Additionally, scaffolding
allows using variety of strategies as using realia and visuals, modeling and
gestures, creating graphic organizers, reading aloud texts and it even allows
using first language. While using scaffolding teachers minimize the level of
learners` frustration and motivate to learn better and achieve given aims.

On the other hand, there is a disadvantage of scaffolding is for teachers
due to the fact that they give up control in order to let students learn in
their own pace. Moreover, scaffolding is time consuming. A teacher may not have
enough time to realize scaffolding lesson plan. Yet, a teacher may shorten the
time allocated for each learner so that accommodate all learners. In order to
implement scaffolding appropriately a teacher should be well trained in giving
correct instructions and achieve an effective lesson.

All in all,
scaffolding is a way of teaching that can be very effective if it is used
appropriately. And it is up to the teacher to motivate learners and manage the
class in the way that all learners will be involved into the learning process.

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