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Advanced Silicon Technologies LLC launched the three patents in opposition to Toyota Motor Corp. and four against Honda Motor Co. Ltd., BMW AG and Volkswagen AG, including various other subsidiaries for allegedly infringing its infotainment system patents.As per the Advanced Silicon, the automakers infringed on its technology with the infotainment systems in the Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, BMW 428i, Volkswagen Golf and Audi, adding that these vehicles are exemplary of the automakers’ other products that Advanced Silicon believes are covered by the patents’ claims.In addition, patents covered key parts of automotive infotainment systems, navigation systems, graphics processors and other electronic devices.The patents included U.S. Patent Number 6,339,428, titled “Method and Apparatus for Compressed Texture Caching in a Video Graphics System,” U.S. Patent Number 6,546,439, titled “Method and System for Improved Data Access,” U.S. Patent Number 6,630,935, titled “Geometric Engine Including a Computational Module for use in a Video Graphics Controller,” and U.S. Patent Number 8,933,945, titled “Dividing Work Among Multiple Graphics Pipelines Using a Super-Tiling Technique.”All four patents were asserted against Honda, BMW and Volkswagen, while Toyota only faces allegations over the ‘428, ‘439 and ‘935 patents.Moreover, in suing the automakers, Advanced Silicon also set up the suits against Fujitsu Ten Limited, Harman International Industries, Nvidia Corp., Renesas Electronics Corp.,Texas Instruments Inc. and various subsidiaries over the same patents.According to the complaints, Texas Instruments, Nvidia and Harman supplied components for the allegedly infringing systems to BMW, while Renesas supplied Honda and Fujitsu supplied Toyota.All the electronics companies were targeted over the same four patents as the automakers, though Fujitsu was only accused of infringing the same three as Toyota.Advanced Silicon asked for declarations that its patents are valid and enforceable as well as damages for the defendants’ infringement and attorneys’ fees and costs.Representatives for VW, Nvidia, Renesas and Toyota declined to comment, while representatives for the remaining parties didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.The patents-in-suit were U.S. Patent Numbers 6,339,428; 6,546,439; 6,630,935 and 8,933,945.Advanced Silicon was represented by Brian E. Farnan of Farnan LLP and Michael T. Renaud, James M. Wodarski, Andrew H. DeVoogd, Marguerite McConihe and Adam S. Rizk of Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC.Counsel information for the defendants wasn’t available.The cases were Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Toyota Motor Corp. et al., Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Volkswagen AG, Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Fujitsu Ten Limited et al., Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Harman International Industries Inc., Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Nvidia Corp., Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Renesas Electronics Corp. et al., and Advanced Silicon Technologies Inc. v. Texas Instruments Inc., all in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. Case numbers weren’t immediately available.

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