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According to the Right Honourable Sir Charles Bagot to Lord Stanley (Document 1), Nelson Hackett was a slave in Arkansas. He had committed crime as a robbery in Arkansas and escaped from that state to province of Canada. He did steal grand property from his master and also a horse to escape. Alfred Wallace, Nelson Hackett’s master complaint that Nelson Hackett stole, took, and carried away some belongings of Wallace including a gold watch, Mexican silver, and gold coin of the United States (Document 2).

            After escaped from the United States, Nelson Hackett traveled to the Western district of Canada. Wallace believed that Nelson Hackett was residing in Chatham (Document 2).

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            Nelson Hackett has soon been charged is guilty of the crime of larceny. He has been arrested and confined in the prison (Document 3). In Document 6 mentioned that Nelson Hackett did steal the property worth a total of 500 dollars. Under the charge of larceny, Hackett was extradited back to Wallace’s Arkansas plantation, where he was beaten and sold into Texas.


1.       Why was the principle of extradition an important one for relations between two countries? (150-250 words)

        Extradition is the legal process of transferring someone who is accused from one country to another country. It is important for prosecute cross-border crime. In this case, Arkansas Gov. Archibald Yell requested for the extradition of Nelson Hackett from Canada back to the United States (Document 7).

      The principle of extradition is important between two countries. It can take the form of a binational extradition treaty or some other kind of multilateral agreement that specifically contains provisions dealing with extradition. If the requesting country is an “extradition partner”, then the criminal or criminal suspect made across the border will be allowed to transfer back to the own country.

      In Nelson Hackett case, since Wallace indicted Nelson Hackett as a theft, he was eligible for extradition. If without the principle of extradition, the person who committed a crime and escaped to other countries will not be convicted and stay safe in that country. This will result in a serious incident. For example, a murderer escaped from the United States to Canada, but these two countries do not have the extradition partnership, the United States government are not allowed to arrest or request extradition of that murderer and resulted he goes unpunished.

      Therefore, with the principle of extradition between two countries, it can as the longest arm of the law.

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