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According to Chen and Yang
(2002), the authors claimed that past studies had point out there is trade-off
between supply chain performances with quality performance. This happened as
some company sacrifices their quality standard to accelerate their product
delivery. As era changes, companies nowadays are no longer confronting with
traditional trade-off. Today, majority of organisation is
compelled to cope with the changes in supply chain
management (SCM) and quality
management (QM) due to the intense competition
in manufacturing industry. To some
extent, Vanichichichai and Igel (2009)
discovered the similarity between SCM
and QM is that both of the management process is aiming to construct tactical strategies and cultivate synergy by collaborating
internal and external parties. Thus, business
performance as well as customer satisfaction
could be enhanced. As a result, SCQM which consists of SCM
and QM had been introduced as a fresh management concept (Sila et al., 2006). Besides that, Robinson
and Malhotra (2005)
explained SCQM had formally combined the process of measuring, examining and improving merchandises, services and processes in the supply
chain members. To implement
SCQM, organisation has to invest heavily in terms of money as well as research
and development. Through that, the supply chain partners will construct a
cooperative relationship between each other and thus, enrich the supply chain
members’ quality awareness. Undeniably, the roles of SCQM had becoming
significant in global market. However, lack of SCQM comprehensive research between emerging and developed countries had
constraint the understanding of SCQM towards globalised
supply chain. Zeng et al. (2013)
supported the claimed by showing incomplete studies related to SCQM issues as most
of the literature only emphasized on internal organization supply chain. Hence,
such studied is
incapable to clarify company choices of particular SCQM application.


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