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Academic integrity means that you are always trying to to do your best in everything you can do. The result of your effort at the end will you will see all the hard work you have done. The for University of Oklahoma it means for them is the honesty and the responsibility of the students in scholarship. The academic assignment that are existing to help students to learn more information to reach their goals; grade exist to showing how fully this goal is attained. Therefore, all the hard work and all classes would effect that the student’s understanding and attempted to improve on what it challenged for them to accomplish. The extent of a student to maintained the responsible to academic integrity in classroom is the student will not plagiarism in all their assignments and take responsible for their mistake.  They can create a comfortable environment that will held supports will the excellence in the teaching and the person learning, that help their personal to development and growth with everyone. If your ignorance the policies of the instructor or university will not be excused because the student will receive an F in their courses. Sometime the university came kick you out from cheating or plagiarism.The teacher and the university don’t have the responsible if you cheating on a test. You as student hold them accountable to turn yourself in and face the consequences of your action. It is reliable for the student to report if they see other people that should be honest and tell the teacher. I if knew or hear some was cheating I would have turn them in the teacher because it is unfair for the other people working hard to do good in the class. For example, last year in one of my course, during a test someone was cheating. The person next to her told the teacher and the teacher deal with it.  None of my teachers never trained me in how to avoid plagiarism before a took this class. Still in high school all the time the teacher told the students to avoid plagiarism because it not good  for you in college.  The high school and college can have a class that will help the student in how they learn the best way to cite a source.

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