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Abstract-Vehicle accidents area unit one in every of the
foremost leading causes of fatality. The time between associate degree accident
occurrence and therefore the emergency medical personnel area unit sent to the
accident location is that the necessary consider the survival rates once
associate degree accident. By eliminating that point between associate degree
accident prevalence and therefore the 1st responders area unit dispatched to
the scene decreases mortality rates in order that we are able to save lives.
One approach to eliminate that delay between accident prevalence and 1st
communicator dispatch is to use associate degree Accident Alert and Vehicle
pursuit System, which sense once a traffic accident is probably going to occur
and instantly apprise emergency occurred. during this paper, that system is
delineated  the most application of that
is early accident detection. during this system, at first the GPS continuously
takes computer file from the satellite and stores the latitude and great circle
values in ATmega16 microcontroller’s buffer. If we’ve to trace the vehicle, we’d
like to send a message to GSM device, by that it gets activated. It conjointly
gets activated by police investigation accident on the shock sensing element
connected to Raspberry Pi. Parallely deactivates GPS with the assistance of
relay .Once GSM gets activated it takes the last received latitude and great
circle positions values from the buffer and sends a message to a central
emergency dispatch server that is predefined within the program. this method
uses the items i.e. Raspberry Pi, Vibration Sensors, GPS and GSM modules to
notice traffic accidents.


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The high demand of vehicles has
conjointly hyperbolic the traffic hazards and also the road accidents. lifetime
of the people is beneath high risk. this can be attributable to the shortage.

of best emergency facilities out there
in our country. associate degree automatic alert system for vehicle accidents
is introduced during this paper. The planned system which might sight accidents
in significantly less time and sends the fundamental data to tending centre
among some seconds covering geographical coordinates, the time and angle within
which a vehicle accident had occurred. This alert message is distributed to the
central emergency dispatch server during a short time in order that the emergency
dispatch server can inform to the ambulances that are regarding that location,
which is able to facilitate in saving the precious lives. A Switch is
additionally provided so as to terminate the causation of a message in rare
case wherever there’s no casualty, this will save the dear time of the machine.
When the accident happens the alert message is distributed mechanically to the
central emergency dispatch server. The message is sent through the GSM module
and also the location of the accident is detected with the assistance of the
GPS module. The accident is detected exactly with the assistance of vibration
device. This application provides the optimum answer to poor emergency
facilities provided to the roads accidents within the most possible manner.




The Accident
Alert and pursuit System is that the system that track vehicle current location
mistreatment international positioning system (GPS).This
product provides the live updates of accidental vehicle with their location details.
It ensures the vehicle that possesses accident to send location details to
internet server situated at emergency machine center additional that location
details of accidental vehicle send to close machine likewise as show it on map. As per the system design, Accident Alert and
trailing System ar operating same as follows. When the accident can occurred,
then the system can direct send the accident alert message in conjunction with
location details of the accidental vehicle to emergency dispatch sever any
it’ll send that alert message to the near 
machine in order that it will move to that location. By mistreatment
system like this we are able to decrease the death rate that is lead


This system is a prototype model of Accident Alert and
Vehicle Tracking System using GSM and GPS modem and

Pi working will be made in the following steps:

? A piezoelectric sensor will
first sense the occurrence of an accident and give its output to the

? The GPS detects the latitude
and longitudinal position of a vehicle.

? The latitudes and longitude
position of the vehicle is sent as message through the GSM.

? The static IP address of
central emergency dispatch server is pre-saved in the EEPROM.

? Whenever an accident has
occurred the position is detected and a message has been sent to the pre-saved

IP address.OGY


This is the block diagram of vehicle
tracking and accident alert system. This shows the overall view of the vehicle
tracking and accident alert system circuit. The blocks connected here are LCD
display, GPS, GSM, Shock Sensor, Power supply, temperature sensor ,
accelerometer etc.





Accident alert ;Vehicle trailing system operating :-

This system takes input from GPS and which fits into rs232. This Rs232
sends knowledge into max232 and it converts {the knowledge|the info|the
information} format and sends it to the Rx (receiver pin) of microcontroller
and this microcontroller stores this data in USART buffer and therefore the
knowledge hold on is distributed once more through Texas pin into GHB232 this
max 232 sends the information into GSM via rs232. this can be however vehicle
trailing works victimization GSM and GPS. The liquid crystal display interfaced
to the microcontroller additionally shows the show of the coordinates. This
{lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display is
simply wont to understand the operating condition of the vehicle tracking
system. Accident within the sense it may well be collision of 2 vehicles or
hearth accident within the vehicle

automobile on all sides of the vehicle and that they all square measure
connected to the OR gate .OR gate is used as a result of to discover a minimum
of one detector is high .the output from the OR gate is connected to the
interrupt pin of microcontroller and whenever this pin twelve is high the small
controller sends the message concerning the accident.




The aim of the paper is to provide an outline of auto chase and vehicle
accident detection system. This Vehicle accident detection system will track
geographical info mechanically associate degreed sends an alert SMS concerning
accident. Experimental work has been administrated fastidiously. The result
shows that higher sensitivity and accuracy. This system is verified to be
extremely helpful for the automotive business.















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