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the numerous fields in which an Aerospace Electronics student can venture into,
I was assigned to an engineering industry in FLARE Dynamics. It was a rare
experience for me to apply my academic knowledge into real life situation and
also, to adapt to the working industry.

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purpose of this report is to talk about my learning opportunity in FLARE Dynamics
which is impossible to duplicate or repeat. This report is also part of the
requirement for the 22 weeks program by Singapore Polytechnic.

report would primarily touch on a brief introduction of the company, my task,
my project, the skills & competencies learnt or practiced and, lastly, my
personal reflection on the internship program, presenting the benefits in which
the attachment to FLARE Dynamics had brought to me.


I would like to thank my company supervisors, Mr. Lu Wei Yao and Mr. Vincent
Loh for their supervision and co-operation for making this internship program
successful. Senior staff, Mr. Azli for his guidance and advice throughout the
internship project and other staffs for aiding me in my tasks given.

top of that I would like to thank my Liaison Officer, Mr Kam, making time out
of his busy schedule to visit me and to ensure that I am benefitting from the

I would also like to thank Singapore Polytechnic, School of EEE, for allowing
me the opportunity to serve this internship at FLARE Dynamics.



am a student from Singapore Polytechnic School of Electrical and Electronic
Engineering and is currently studying in Diploma in Aerospace Electronics. In
the starting of year 2, I had a choice of having a final year project (FYP) or
internship in my final semester. After giving some considerations, I chose
internship as projects can be done under the guidance of the senior staffs and furthermore,
being exposed to the working environment enables me to gain a primary experience
in a career development and the society’s culture.

My aims for this 22 weeks internship:

Improve on my hands-on skill

Gain more knowledge and experience in this field

Develop my people relation skills by liaising more with
staffs and clients

Understand the theory and practical elements of the organization

Getting firsthand experience in a working environment

Know more about my strengths and weakness

Seek for professional advices from senior officers

Improving my problem-solving and analytical skills

Fulfilling my job duties required by the company

Provide assistance and supports in achieving the company’s

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